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Luv watching new guineas

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chillynose Sun 19-May-13 17:35:56

Got them yest so cute smile
Just gave them there first veg broc and baby corn
So funny to watch they r males squeak alot
One yawned

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 19-May-13 17:41:27

They are amazing when they yawn aren't they. Makes you respect those long rodenty teeth grin

My GP2 yawns and stretches out- I've never met such a tired GP in all my life,
It's hard work being cute.

Were you up early checking on them?

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 19-May-13 17:42:16

My GP2 farts too,
That's less cute envy <-- vom

FernieB Tue 21-May-13 09:50:29

They are so funny to watch. I've never known such busy animals - when they are awake, they seem to have a long 'To Do' list as they never stop. Mine have recently decided that I should get their breakfast at 5:45 each morning instead of their usual 7:00 am and so they sing a lovely wheeky wake-up song to remind me of this. angry

They are also very tired boys. After a long night of sleeping followed by a large breakfast (guzzled down in seconds), they generally need a couple of hours snooze to recover.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Tue 21-May-13 22:00:10

5.45 shock

Mind you, I blame Current Bun for the early morning wake-up call.
Just because the guineas are wheeky doesn't mean they instigate it.
I've read "WaterShip Down" I know all above Silfay or whatever they called it (Pooh eating by another name, best done in the wee small hours)

guineapiglet Wed 22-May-13 09:14:30

I guess the guineas are welcoming the dawn in your house Fernie and have decided if they can't beat the birds that they had better join them!
LOL at them needing to have a sleep to recover after all that early morning activity. Would love to know what is on the list.

a. Wake up and demand food
b. Eat food
c. Pooh and wee everywhere to show gratitude
d. Have a playfight with cage mates and bunny
e. Agree to being cuddled in exchange for more food
f. Sleep to recover from all the above
g. repeat process.

What a life!

FernieB Wed 22-May-13 10:42:20

70 - Current Bun is very well behaved in the morning and stays tucked up in his basket until biscuit time - like the children, he only gets out of bed for food.

guineapiglet - my piggie’s morning routine is:-

5:45am - Wake up and sing favourite wheeky wake up song - the one all the family enjoy.
5:47am - Go quiet after hearing strange shushing noises.
5:49am - Repeat song - after all it’s so good, everyone should get to hear it again.
5:50am - Sing louder to drown out the shushing noises and shouting coming from upstairs.
5:55am - Eat celery leaves which have suddenly been delivered by an inexplicable grumpy person.
6:00am - Settle down for a refreshing nap to recover from the above.
6:45am - Lots of ‘good morning’ wheeking to welcome a slightly less grumpy person downstairs and remind them it’s breakfast time.
6:50am - Greet the arrival of breakfast enthusiastically whilst making it clear to the waitress that they should just serve the food and leave - interaction is neither required or welcomed (after all it still early).
7:00am - Pee and poop all round the cage so that the cleaner has something to do later.
7:02am - Quick and vocal fight with cage mate.
7:05am - Settle down for a long snooze (it’ll soon be lunchtime, so you need to build up some energy for that).

Current Bun doesn’t get up until biscuit o’clock and then after lots of fuss and cuddles, he departs to his tunnel in the conservatory for the day.

There is no doubt in my mind who is the easiest.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 22-May-13 13:11:45

<<LaLaLa>> Puts fingers in ears.

No amount of persuasion will convince me that rabbits win in the Rabbit V Guineas stakes.

My boys used to let us know they were awake/bored/hungry/feeling ignored/a bit judgey at 3am.
shock Blinking 3am.

Of course, being so super intelligent they realised that "Oi, you two. Shush" meant I was not getting out of bed to go to the fridge for them.

Our GP2 used to "riot" like some High Security Prisoner, shoving his plastic plate about and tipping up his pellet bowl. There was probably a bit of pooh smearing dirty protest going on too.
(Like you say, what else have I got to do with my time except Work/Cater for DS and DD,/ drive everyone round/ cook/laundry/tidy. I can fill my 'spare time' MNetting with pigs) grin

Acyually there's a manking big Fox in the NDN garden and my babies are out so I might have to go out and skin it shoo it. hmm

FernieB Wed 22-May-13 16:23:13

70 - Current Bun is definitely easier than the pigs, however, my previous bun was exceedingly high maintenance and makes my pigs demands look tiny.

BTW your 'spare time' is for work/kids/housework etc - most of your time should really be taken up with important piggy duties (that's what my boys have just told me).

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