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Bunnies, digging and boredom busting

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Worriedmumofan8yearoldgirl Sat 18-May-13 16:47:24

Hi all, we have a boy/girl neutered pair who live happily together (we got her a year after him and they've paired well) but since getting the doe our buck has taken to digging to such an extent we have their run permanently on the patio.

This is all fine and dandy and they have 24 hour access to the run as its attached to the hutch but I'm wondering what boredom busters we can give them? Can our boy ever be trusted on the grass again? We have some toys and gnawing blocks in there for them but they ignore and opt for gnawing the hutch

They are handled regularly and keep themselves generally out of mischief, unless on the lawn....

Any ideas welcome

ValenciaOrange Sat 18-May-13 18:03:46

They would probably enjoy a large low planter or sandpit filled with soil to dig in. My rabbits have the whole garden during the day but still choose to sit in their mud box in their run.

Midori1999 Sat 18-May-13 20:50:42

I agree a digging box would be good. Mine like chewing cardboard note than anything else, those 'hay' tubes (mainly cardboard) you can get in Pets at home always go down well. They also like twigs/sticks and they love a treat ball with their pellets in and I change their toys/little hits a lot too. I also give them two or three rypes of hay as well as dried 'forage' to keep them interested. (you can buy dried forage at pets at home or dry your own, or give fresh, things like hawthorn twigs and leaves, brambles, rabbit safe plants like plantain, dandelions, clover, etc) Our rabbits are indoor bunnies and one chews the carpets if she gets bored, so keeping them amused is paramount!

Re:the digging, have you tried a no dig skirt around the edge of the run? It's just a 6" strip of mesh that goes on the floor at the outer edge of the run to stop digging out. Or/and you could try putting a dig box in the run too?

queenebay Sat 18-May-13 20:52:07

We bought ours plastic balls for dogs and he loves them. Had them years and he's never chewed through them.

FernieB Tue 21-May-13 09:53:45

Definitely a digging box. Have you tried a football? My previous bun loved to play football and would run around the living room dribbling the ball with her nose. We got her the full size ones as she had no interest in the small one.

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