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Heroic acts by super furries!

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FernieB Tue 14-May-13 15:16:04

This morning, after his breakfast biscuit, Current Bun ran into the conservatory and started thumping and grunting (more like a pathetic buzz, but it's the best he can do unless a pig is annoying him). I couldn't see anything wrong, but when I went outside I discovered the neighbour's SneakyCat hiding behind a bush watching the birds on the feeder shock. After shooing SneakyCat away, Current Bun got an extra biscuit as a reward (we ignored his diet just this once grin).

In honour of his vigilance in protecting the local birds, I was wondering if any other furries had performed any heroic acts.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Tue 14-May-13 16:11:08

No, mine don't go for Acts That Would Benefit Anyone Apart FRom Themselves (selfish little blighters)

Amazing instincts animals have though regarding danger. CurrentBun was probably a bit shock by the unwelcome appearance of NDN cat.
Might have been really, really worried in case SneakyCat was after his Guinea-Pigs?
Or would he look for a box large enough for the cat to take the pigs? grin

guineapiglet Tue 14-May-13 17:59:19

Does an heroic act PROTECTING a super furry count??

When I had my first boy guinea, ginger Irving ( the one who escaped onto the bowling green), we also had a border collie, who, did not show much interest in him, just was a bit 'meh' about him really. They used to have their dinner together in the kitchen, side by side ( picture one big bowl and one little bowl. Irving adored her !One day he was outside and I had been watching him, but had to rush indoors to go to the loo. He used to free range alot, and was quite happy lurking under the shed or eating the lavender borders on his own - we heard a lot of barking and growling, and went outside to see the dog protecting Irving ( cowering in the background) from the horrible snappy jack russell who lived next door and who clearly had designs on Irving for her tea...... couldn't believe our dog saw Irving as her property - he had to be protected at all costs!

FernieB Wed 15-May-13 08:07:47

Well done Border Collie - did she see Irving as her best wheeky toy? Dogs can be wonderful like that.

70 - I think Current Bun secretly loves his pigs - very, very secretly.

My Previous Bun once saved us all from death by dragonfly. It has come in the house and she stalked it and got it cornered. Poor dragonfly was terrified shock. I did let it out and it flew away unharmed.

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