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Old Bunny With Bad Foot

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WednesdayNext Fri 10-May-13 00:15:21

Sorry for the super boring title. I'm hooping someone on here has some experience/ advice.

My old Bunny (9 year old Dutch) has recently developed what seems to be a sore front foot. He can put weight on it sometimes but more often has been holding it up and under iyswim. He's recently become really miserable, he doesn't want to be out of his hutch (he and our female rabbit have free reign of the garden during the day) he just looks so miserable. He's still eating and drinking, happy to be held and stroked but won't move.

Our vet (really good, she's been our vet for about 8 years now) said there's no obvious cause and to xray it would mean general anaesthetic which is not desirable in a bun of his age. Suggestions of what it could be are a sprain, econniculi (which apparently causes paralysis - we had a bunny die of this a few months ago) cancer (no obvious lumps in the area but he did have a lump removed with his balls last year) or arthritis. He's got pain relief which should kick in, but not really anything else we can do art this stage.

Does anyone have experience of this or suggestions for helping the little fella improve?

FernieB Fri 10-May-13 09:10:12

Poor old Bunny. 9 is a good age for a bun and I think the best you can do is basically what you're doing - give him the painkillers and lots of love. If he's still eating and drinking, then he's not too unhappy, so hopefully when the painkillers kick in he should feel able to move a bit more.

WednesdayNext Sat 11-May-13 14:47:13

Thanks FernieB smile

I can't believe he's such an old man already sad

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