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I'm really torn about adopting this guinea

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KinkyDorito Mon 06-May-13 07:33:18

I know I haven't had a response about the cats. Now my question is around this 'anti social' guinea pig.

Right, he is in Pets at Home (cue doom music). They have him by himself and say he is antisocial (but great with people). My friend says that he could be the end of a litter and they could be unethically trying to sell him as a single and condemning him to a life of solitary misery. But her chief concern is that there could be something wrong with him and they have separated him because of this.

My DD has only just finished treatment for leukaemia, so the very last thing she needs is something like ringworm.

I just feel so sad for it. sad sad sad

My sensible head is telling me no. My heart is planning where to put the cage and to book a vet's appointment to get it checked out.

I would also be willing to get him neutered if he isn't already and get him a girlfriend, as, from what I've read, many boars can be angry with other boars but happier with a female companion. I can see this ending up as a house with two cages and three pigs...

Any advice would be very, very gratefully received.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 06-May-13 08:22:27

You've got the two cats as well (from your other post).

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Lots to take on board especially with your DD being ill.

OK on the negitive side:
your cats will know the GP is there and he'll know the cats are there. They might accept him and leave him alone but they might constantly want to pester him.
Some GPs are okay with cats but they are prey animals so their instinct is to hide.

Your DD might be sensitive/allergic to fur or hay. And as you say the risk of ringworm (BBC Watchdog had something on their programme about this, it looks grim)

The guinea is most likely the 'end' of one batch of GPs rather than isolated for health. So he might get on ok with a carefully introduced cagemate -a very baby boar or a female if he's neutered (it's unlikely he'll have been done by the store, even though they have in-house vets and it would cost them peanuts and enhance his chances of finding a mate)
He'd need to be the right weight to go through surgery then a month to make sure he's sterile.

I know how sad it is when you see them in Adoption.
If you really, really wanted him, and could keep the cats completely away until he's settled. Then let them have a sniff round the cage (when it's empty) so they know the GP is there. Lots of houses have rodents and cats (or rodents and dogs). You can get them to respect each other though whether cats learn that the GPs are a No Go ???

Can you get their vet to check him on condition of taking him? Then they can't say "Oh you took him out. Anything could've happened to him"
You can make sure he's got no health issues and find out about neutering if that's what you planned.

My DD and I were in P@H a few weeks back, there were 3 boar brother in Rehome (a year old). Had to go as a trio. They seemed very laid back but DD was angry at the size of the cage they were stuck in.
We have 2 boars so we couldn't leave with another 3 pigs.

KinkyDorito Mon 06-May-13 08:51:11

It's so awful, isn't it - it's not so much about us getting a pet, as us giving this little creature a chance. The cats can be kept away until he is settled and they would never 'roam' together! I'm really twitchy about the anti-social thing. I would want to try him with friends, but we are having to accept we could well end up with 3 in 2 cages!!! I just really don't want to leave him down there to be taken by someone who blindly accepts what PAH say about him. Some of the things I've heard people come out with by the small animals down there would turn your stomach.

If we did take him, I would have him straight to the vet to get checked. They don't have a vet there, and, tbh, I don't trust them at all. How awful is that - I can't believe RSPCA are going into partnership with them.

My problem is I'm totally soft. I come from a family of animal lovers and it's the thought of him being left down there in the hot little glass tank with no room, possibly with mites or ringworm, and no friend.

He was really inquisitive. DD always wears black and is anti-social (Aspie), so she felt an affinity with him!!

I am a FOOL!

If I do get him, would you settle him first then maybe get a pair of baby boars to be kept separate but introduced through roaming time? I'm suspecting I will have a lot of reading to do.

FernieB Mon 06-May-13 10:56:43

I would get in touch with your local rescue place/RSPCA. If you do adopt him, they will probably have/know of a lone, neutered female in need of a friend and would help you to get them together.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 06-May-13 11:52:01

if I do get him grin
I think you are half way to P@H and your next post will be
"Well he's here"

If you get him and you want a boar cagemate then just get one baby. Boar trios are hard to manage especially if you'll have two reaching their Terrible Teens together. It usually ends up with one being excluded.

You could have him neutered and checked over then look for a sow/two sows? Then don't let them be together until he's sterile.
Either keep him until the 4 weeks or keep them seperate but sniffing distance so they get aquainted.
Bear in mind your boar (see what I did there Your Boar I've already rehomed with you) will think he's an entire (has his bollocks) and might try his luck, but most sows will tell them to get lost.

Keep a one boar + sows (1 or 2 sows depending on space). 2 boars don't do well when there are sows.

If you wanted the boar + baby boar then get them together (subject to his vetcheck) . Then there's no territorial issues, it'll all be brand new.
IIRC P@H give you a 24 hour Guarentee on animals so you could say you're buying him on the condition he passes. Ask them outright if there's any health issues. Chances are it's just his temprement.
Was he an ex-PetShop pig or a Returned Pig ?

Good Luck.

KinkyDorito Mon 06-May-13 13:31:02

What do you mean, you expect my next post to be he's here...


Well, he's here. grin grin grin

PAH is just using the adoption service to flog off the big ones that no-one wants. As soon as we got 'Tony' - already named - they'd put another single in his cage. sad There were a boar pair there too that were just lovely. I nearly got all of them, but suspect DH would have a heart attack. The staff were very open with me though. He's never been ill and does look very healthy, but when all his litter buddies got sold and they put him in with a lot of baby boars, he was aggressive. I'm not judging him on this - I'm guessing this was him asserting his dominance? I do think he will need a friend. It's sounding like the best way will be to get him neutered and get a sow. Has anyone had a guinea neutered? It seems a big thing for a little pet.

KinkyDorito Mon 06-May-13 13:48:07

I will definitely try rescue Fernie smile

70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 06-May-13 14:34:21

Well he's here That does not surprise me at all grin
That's the way with P@H - when they get a new 'batch' the older ones get moved out. It wouldn't be fair for the babies to have a strange male there. And the bigger ones have less chance against the cute babies.

Check that your vet does small animal surgery (probably mainly rabbits, they should all be neutered) but they will do GPs as well.
Provided your boy is big enough to go through the operation and you take care of his wound after, it's as safe for a GP as most other furries.

Then you'll be able to get a female/females from Rescue - they will be able to match him up.

FWIW - it's something I've thought about (don't tell the boars though) when one of them 'goes'. I'm hoping they both go together really -ideally when they are ancient- but the likliehood is we'll have one .
GP1 is bolshy.
GP2 is a wimp.

I'd be in a continual boar spiral of replacements.
So I would definately have one of mine neutered and sow-dated when the time arises.

Tony (cool name) will get his paws right under the table. grin

KinkyDorito Mon 06-May-13 14:44:23


Hopefully he will come out of hiding at some point.

I've just read about a vet around the ring-road from us who are highly recommended for small furries, so will take him to them. I'm going to be very careful with who we use as I've had a bad experience in the past.

My Dsis's girls passed within a day of each other, which was sad but sweet at the same time. They were both old ladies though.

Thanks for all of your advice 70. I appreciate it thanks.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 06-May-13 17:00:43

Photo of GP when he pokes his nose out of hiding grin

Umlauf Mon 06-May-13 17:10:43

I adopted my baby boy Guinea from p@h two years ago. He was alone and his ears were all shredded, they told me he had been the bully of a pair and his owners had to give him back. When we got him home he hid for days and bit me, and I was really angry and upset and kept telling DH to take him back, I didn't like him etc.

He gradually became tamer and tamer, and despite pets at homes warnings, we eventually had him snipped and he was the only GP the vet hadn't had squeal at the injection (very proud!). He took to neutering very well although stopped eating for a bit unless i fed him the special vet foot from a silver spoon i kid you not and put weight on slowly that Way. This was so we could find him a cage mate. We chose a baby girl pig (who is now twice his size) and he loves her to bits. They cry if separated and cuddle up together all the time.

My little boy adopted pig is my world, I love him so incredibly much and am convinced he is clearly the most beautiful, best behaved, most intelligent guinea pig in the world.

DH sometimes thinks it amusing to remind me of the days I demanded he take him back! I can't imagine life without him now.

So, give him time and he will rock your world!!! Xxx

KinkyDorito Mon 06-May-13 17:27:42

Thanks Umlauf, that's lovely smile. I'm just worried he's finding it all very stressful. I don't think he's been out of his hiding place yet. I'm just leaving him in his cage alone in a closed room (ventilated) with food, water and some celery. I'm hoping he will venture out at some point tonight.

<so on edge!!!!>

I will definitely post a photo when he is settled. He is a handsome chap.

Umlauf Mon 06-May-13 19:05:44

Awww he will settle down! Of course its stressful, moving house is stressful and he has new people to get used to too! I got to know little N a bit by just poking my fingers in and stroking his nose for a day or two before actually picking up, so he could smell me. Also feeding him a carrot holding on to one end. It just takes time :-) congratulations on your new addition! X

guineapiglet Mon 06-May-13 19:45:54

Hi all, just read through this lovely thread, and am hoping it all works out Kinky, so envious of you, and brilliant of you to adopt him ( and you too umlauf - it is wonderful to give these abandoned creatures a good home) As others have said, you will need to give him some time to get used to you and all the changes, they are quite timid souls, but he can be coaxed out - he has to get used to your smell, your routine and the fact he is having REAL contact and not just sitting sadly in a cage. Lots of hay, grass and dandelions, get him used to you by calling his name, and then putting some tempting food in, he will learn to associate you with nice things and become more sociable. Find out what he likes, guineas can usually be tempted with parsley, spinach, cucumber, tomatoes, he will enjoy having new stuff to eat, but probably best to introduce one foodstuff at a time to work out what he likes and to make sure he doesnt get a dodgy tummy with all the stress. Keep him well away from your cats who he will be able to smell, and get him some toys, igloos and things to keep him interested. My friend had a boy who ended up being like a little dog, he had his own mat by the fire, and went with her to answer the door when the bell rang..... here's to many happy times for you all, its a great story. smile

KinkyDorito Tue 07-May-13 20:02:39

smile thanks guinea. I've been trying to coax him with parsley today but he's having none of it! When I give up and put it near his hiding place, he sticks his nose straight out and snaffles it.

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