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Adopting a guinea with house cats

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KinkyDorito Sun 05-May-13 18:41:17

Hi all

Has anyone got any experience of bringing a guinea pig into a home where there are established house cats? (They are 5; two tabby boys.)

If we do go ahead, it would be in a cage that would be shut away at night (inside) and it would never be unattended near the cats. But they would be aware of each other as we would give the cats the run of the house when we are at home (the guinea would be with us). Obviously, we would shut the cats out of the room for roaming time.

The cats are already used to being shut out of the living room through the day, so this would not have an impact on their routine.

The guinea in question does not get on with other guineas, so it would be coming alone.

If people think this is a really bad idea, please say. We are not looking to adopt an animal and then cause it distress. If our situation isn't good for it, we will leave it for someone else.

I have known a family with house cats and guineas and it worked well, but the guineas were there first and the cats were introduced to them as kittens.

apatchylass Mon 06-May-13 14:00:59

We have one cat and two guineas. Cat came first and is very dominant in our home - allowed anywhere. He likes to guard the guinea pigs and very occasionally pokes them with his paw (not claws.) They are always enclosed in a garden run or a large cage, or attended very carefully by the DC, so he can't actually stalk them. they're happy. If they don't want him around they squeak and trundle off out of his reach but he's never traumatised them.

Should be fine!

KinkyDorito Mon 06-May-13 14:24:03

Thank you apatchy. We got him today smile.

KinkyDorito Mon 06-May-13 14:24:26

Thank you apatchy. We got him today smile.

apatchylass Mon 06-May-13 18:41:05

I'm glad you did. They are such gorgeous creatures, all plump and snuggly and most of them have really nice tempers. One of ours had been mistreated. he bit and head butted us when we came near. So I lay down with him on my chest, against my heart and just let him sit there for about two hours. After that - no problems. They are naturally so gentle.

Hope you have fun with him.

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