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Best guinea pig brush?

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sanityawol Fri 26-Apr-13 14:26:26

Hi there - just that really... I need some MN wisdom please.

Weather has finally warmed up so DD(11) now has the guinea pigs that I've been promising her for months.

Have two lovely girls, and having given them a week to settle in, they are looking very much like they are going to have long hair rather than just rough coats.

So, what sort of brush would you recommend?

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 26-Apr-13 15:04:46

Hi- have you got a Peruvian? (Mop on legs type)
I accidentally bought one (didn't know she was a Peruvian when I bought her) .
Boy she was hard work grin

Best thing I found was a baby comb- rounded ends to the prongs, close together and fine.
Brushing with smooth the fur but you really need a comb to get the tangles out.
(If they do get tangles, I found it better to carefully snip them out rather than aggrevate the pig)

I'm guessing they are pet rather than ShowPigs. (You can't cut the fur off a showpig you need to put it in 'rollers' of tissue)

Silk scarf to stroke the fur makes it shiney and removes static.

Start combing early so it's part of their cuddle routine. Thy'll get used to it quickly.

Pictures?? wink

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 26-Apr-13 15:06:00

Had a look on your profile.
Them are big long leggy guinea-pigs grin

sanityawol Fri 26-Apr-13 17:10:35

Thank you for the info 70.

Yep, pets rather than show pigs. I hope don't think they've got any Peruvian in them, they have 'rosettes' but just longer hair than I've ever seen on a rough coated pig. I did make the girl in the shop check they were both girls as well (local garden centre with good reputation for small pets, rather than a certain chain store) - we learnt that one the hard way with mice when I was small. grin

Was going to go shopping this weekend, but fortunately I've got a baby comb at home that doesn't get used. The lurcher had very fine hair, so I'm used to dealing with tangled fur. I'm not averse to cutting tangles out if I need to.

And as for the leggy ones, I'd forgotten that picture was up... In all honesty, I've been delaying on guinea pigs for a couple of years because of the hounds. Greyhounds and small furry things don't tend to mix too well and I could do without that trauma! Fortunately we've moved and have an area that the dogs can't get to now. We sadly lost the lurcher last year, but it means that we no longer have a dog with terrier tendancies that will actively try to get to them rather than just reacting to them if they see them. Still got the three greys and a lab though.

Haven't had guinea pigs for years - always had them when we were growing up. Am also very pleased with how well DD is looking after them.

Will sort out some photos later - I suspect that if I check the camera DD will have taken about a million photos of them.

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