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Hamster questions!

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zeeboo Wed 17-Apr-13 14:04:12

I have just decided to get a hamster. I want a Syrian, but was wondering if there is a difference in personality between the genders. Are a certain sex more friendly etc?
When I go to the pet shop the hammies always seem to be buried and asleep, obviously as its daytime! But can I ask staff to uncover them so I can look at them properly?
What is the correct wheel size for a Syrian?
The cage is the biggest I can manage right now and I've also got a huge tub for a playpen. I intend to have him or her out every evening in the tub once the kids have gone to bed and I can keep a close eye on it.
Anything else I need to get or think about wweb going to choose my new friend?

EMUZ Sun 21-Apr-13 10:10:10

Yep you can ask them to get them out
A wodent wheel is a fab wheel and virtually silent, mine has a junior size (their back should be flat when they run)

samandkat Thu 09-May-13 10:32:35

Hamsters vary in temperament russians are very small and seem to be the less tamed but the one your after is usualy quite tame and docial sex does not really matter hamsters do very well left alone aswell as been handled an exercise ball is good for them rather than a play pen they get bored easy in a play pen but in an exercise ball rhey can run all over the place

Mopswerver Thu 09-May-13 10:42:46

Hamsters are lovely pets. I was dead against but we had a couple of Russians and my kids had so much fun with them, making assault courses, putting them in the ball, pushing them (gently!) on the skateboard, one even crossed my kitchen in a princess carriage! They're no trouble and if regularly handled are the sweetest natured of animals. All the best.

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