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Guinea with a wet bum

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LingDiLong Fri 29-Mar-13 08:28:06

Over the last week my guinea has developed a wet patch on the fur round her bum. I googled for advice which was to bath her and cut her fur - it is very long round her bum. Just checked her this morning and the wet patch is still there. What could it be? She seems otherwise healthy and happy, doesn't smell bad or anything. Could it be. An over active grease gland? If so, how do ii treat it?

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 29-Mar-13 11:03:34

It doesn't sound like diarrhoea (sp) if it's not smelly/ pooey so that's the main worry ruled out.

I'd check if she's overgrooming herself - maybe something irritating her fur? Small piece of hay in her skin or something that she's trying to remove?

One of my boars has an active greasegland (the boary one) it gets sticky like a little tail wink and we need to rub a baby wipe or shampoo in it and rinse him. The other pig has no trouble.But it's not anywaywhere near his bum, more on his rump.

Female guineas can secrete when they're in season. They can get a waxy plug to prevent another GP mating with them after they've been impregnated.

Sounds like it could be that?
Keep her fur trimmed round her bits (I had a Peruvian female years ago and she had her fur short round her backend), clean and check for any foreign body. I know the hay is jaggy at the moment. It all seems to have thorns and spikes no matter what brand I buy.

Just console yourself it's not boar-glue (you don't have a boar do you?)

LingDiLong Fri 29-Mar-13 11:11:45

No, we don't have a boar. Although the other female piggie seems to think she is one and chases her sister round the cage trying to mount her!! I guess this could be why though if she's in season.

It is kind of waxy/greasy though, so that would make sense. Thanks 70s!

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