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Pigs are not very observant

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FernieB Wed 27-Mar-13 13:16:37

For the third day running, I have moved my pigs in their indoor cage into the conservatory and opened up the front so they can climb in and out (my pigs are good climbers - I have tried explaining to them that they're not supposed to be but they won't listen) and wander around as they choose.

Why does it take them up to 2 hours to notice that the cage is open and then another hour to make a move? They wouldn't have shifted at all this morning if Current Bun hadn't leapt in with them and stolen their cabbage.

Since noticing their freedom, they've been running round and having lots of piggie exercise. Why are they so unobservant? Is this why they are easy prey in the wild?

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 27-Mar-13 16:44:27

They are waiting to see if you've put adders or quicksand down in the conservatory. If so, Current Bun will cop it and the pigs (being the superior race obviously) will thrive.

I put a big plate of fresh cut grass and dandelions in front of the haybox.
Within the count of five, an agouti face appeared, purred briskly to signal to GP2, then a little black face arrived. Excercise done for the day there.

Mine wouldn't last two minutes in the wild. GP1 is too chunky too tempting and GP2 is like the cavy version of Father Dougal (from Father Ted) ie not the sharpest tool in the shed blush

BonkeyMollocks Wed 27-Mar-13 17:49:22

LittlePig is hmm .

Sod is out of his cage, off the sofa, off anywhere if he thinks he could get away with it. I used to leave the cage open while I walked the two steps to the hay cupboard....I daren't anymore since I discovered he thinks he can fly hmm .

BigPig, however just sits there under his wooden stool and looks at me as if to say ' cage is open you dimwit' confused .

grin at GP2 being like Father Dougal!

Curlybrunette Wed 27-Mar-13 20:55:28

Ha ha ha 70 I love reading your posts, you really make me chuckle!

I think my girls are just bloody lazy. They have a C&C upstairs and then come down for a free run on an evening. Some nights they run straight under the coffee table and don't move for the entire evening. I feel like what on earth was the point of bringing them down.

Saying that tonight they are most active and are charging around the downstairs. I think they must sense change, we are going away for 2 nights in the morning so they won't get a run for a couple of days (bless my dear elderly auntie who is coming twice a day to give them veg!)

superfluouscurves Fri 29-Mar-13 15:07:21

One of my late lovely pigs (the very laid-back one) used to hide a tiny portion of her (rather portly) cream body under a leaf in the border, with over three quarters of the rest of her sticking out on the lawn for everyone to see, thinking she was hidden ...... she then looked shocked that she could be so easily found and picked up grin

The other one though was a neurotic thin, speedy, escape artist and eluded capture at every turn (capture usually involved dh doing full length rugby tackles in to the Japanese anemones)

GeorgianMumto5 Tue 09-Apr-13 12:26:13

Ha ha - I've got a Father Dougal too.

My two are very suspicious of anything new, so would probably assume I had left the door ajar so as to lure them to their grisly deaths. Also, the Father Dougal one probably wouldn't notice. I rearranged the cage a while back and it took him 2 days to find his own house in it. He moved in with Hutchmate, who nipped out regularly for secret sojourns in the 'missing' house. Actually, Father Dougal never found it - I felt sorry for him and moved it back. The look on his face when it magically reappeared! I will never do that to him again, poor lamb.

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