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Guinea pig lump

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fridayfreedom Mon 11-Mar-13 16:15:57

Little pig's lump has got bigger. Went to the vet 6 months ago and she thought it was a fatty lump. Been back today as it has grown and is harder she now thinks it could be a tumour so we discussed removing it. She said we could do it now whilst he is young and fit or take the risk and leave it. It could be more difficult if it continues to grow and he is older.
So have agreed to go ahead. She is a recognised GP expert do not really vey worried re the op but with a busy full time job I am worried re the aftercare . The op is next Tues when she treats small furries but I am away for a few days from the Saturday so would have to leave him in DD 17s care.
Should I wait 3 more weeks until I would be around more? And what am I likely to need to do? Big pig is going along as company for less stress but would they be able to be together after. Vet says yes but I will need to use towels and not hay oregazorb til wound is healed.

fridayfreedom Mon 11-Mar-13 16:16:45

What the hell is oregazorb??? Megazorb!!!

70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 11-Mar-13 17:16:48

Aw poor pig. These lumps and bumps they have are a worry (my two boars have a selection of them we keep a check on)

TBH in your shoes I'd leave it until you can be with him.
The "do it now while he's young or take a risk and leave it" - suggests it's a slow growing lump, and if it was urgent your vet would tell you.

3 weeks wait shouldn't make too much difference to the lump but the way he heals up will make a difference.
If you feel you can't foist the aftercare onto your DD- is she a bit squeamish or does she not have the time to care for him?
Probably better to let him recover with your care (Risk of infection is a huge consideration)

Lots of nice soft towels for the little boy .
Good Luck

fridayfreedom Mon 11-Mar-13 19:23:10

Thank you. Have spoken to the rescue lady and she is happy to have him while I am away if need be, so am feeling much better. He will be 4 days post op by then so hopefully will be on the mend.

guineapiglet Mon 11-Mar-13 20:28:30

Hi Friday - hope the little chap gets on OK - I have had a series of girls with 'lumps' of all shapes and sizes, thankfully none which required surgery.

Put out a call for KRITIQ - her GP1 has just had to have lumps removed and I am sure will give you good advice re post operative care and recovery!
I'm with 70 - I would want to be around--fussing and stressing, making sure the patient is well tended-- hope it goes ok smile

fridayfreedom Mon 11-Mar-13 20:34:18

Thanks, unfortunately I will have to be at work next week but will try and take the morning off after the op, but need to be in work for a meeting in the afternoon.
I can put the trip back by a day if necessary as it it just to my mums but I was hoping to catch up with an old friend on the Saturday. Have to be back home by the weds though in case I am on TV!!!
Rescue lady is fab and very supportive to those of us who have adopted her pigs so I know I have good back up.
He is a very perky but shy little pig but in good health otherwise so should be fine.

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