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has anyone used bedmax ?

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andrea315 Sat 23-Feb-13 17:31:16

A guinea pig breeder has just told me she uses it has anyone tried it?

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 23-Feb-13 18:13:34

Never heard of it, but had a quick Google and its an Equine bedding.
The concerns I'd have though-
it's marketed as large flakes so good for stables but would it be so good for pigs
and although it's dust free (more important for pigs whose noses are right in their bedding, although horses can be really sensitive beasts), shavings do have a reputation for drying out feet and fur.
It also states that it draws away moisture (to keep it dry) so you'd need to consider what that does to the fur.

And again, huge bags, so you need storage.
I bought equine Readi-Grass for my boys last year and only just used the last of it. It wasn't suitable as bedding (too short cut and hard) but they loved it as a hay supplement. Though it made my pig sneeze.

Can you ask the breeder why she prefers Bedmax? She might get a bulk buy or know someone with stables?

Megazorb still seems to be a popular choice with pig owners.

Personally I like hay for bedding. They can fulfill their burrowing and snuffling instincts (not burrowing like rabbits, just rummaging about).And it's really insulating. My 2 are toasty in their haynests smile
But the hay is manky at the moment. I bought 2x 4kg bags this week and it was really dusty /seedy.
I'll have to shake it out before the boars have it.

andrea315 Sun 24-Feb-13 01:59:34

She said it was the best she had found so far and she has had megazorb but stuck to guineas ! I'm off to a horse shop that sells both tomorrow to look smile as for hay can't use loads as they will be indoors and my husband hates the smell smile I think I Will prob get megazorb because the shavings will prob smell to strong for him to he moans when I clean the hamster because of the woodshavings smell and the bunny just has a rack of hay a day but just lives in the kitchen now in a small dog bed !!

andrea315 Sun 24-Feb-13 02:07:26

Oh and so far the pigs we haven't got yet have a c&c for day time a ferplast 100 for bed time to keep bunnys and dog out a wood bridge a wood house some treats and toys some fleece to run on carpet shop tubes to play in hay tunnels water bottles bowels and a bed and a cosy snuggle ! smile oh and the top half of a double Hutch if they want fresh air !

andrea315 Sun 24-Feb-13 11:59:06

Klc weebly cavies She is have a look at her site smile

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 24-Feb-13 13:07:40

Looked at the site link for Klc Weebly- lovely piglets and she seems to be really selective with her breed stock. No pigs at the moment and theres a waiting list by the looks of things.
She has Himalayans, Rexs and Satins , so more the 'fancy' breed rather than your classic 'pig' (which mine are, pedigree not in evidence there!) grin.
I had a Himmy sow and they are lovely, but with all the pinkeyed ones they are more light sensitive and poor eyesight , but razor sharp hearing when there's bags rustling and fridges opening.

WRT to the hay smell- maybe try Hay Cookies? P@H and The Range sell the round, packed hay cookies. They don't get everywhere like hay does and it's sold as a Boredom Buster. Mine will keep one for a few days, until it gets manky.
You can give them fine shredded paper to burrow in.

(I did by the boys the Burgess Excell Cubes- much as I tried to slip these blardy things into their food bowl, they wouldn't touch them. They had blackcurrant extract and smelled like cat's wee though. They were ££ so money wasted but lesson learned)

The saddlery might let you check the different bedding types, see if there's a strong smell. (I once picked up a bag of Tesco cat litter but the smell made me gag before I'd even opened it. No way could I have that in my house).

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