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1 month old gerbils born in the pet store

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kylohmom Thu 21-Feb-13 19:58:35

The pet store accidentally ended up with 3 baby gerbils. They are only about 1 month old and they seem to think that they are probably all males but can't be 100% sure on 2 of them yet. They separated them from their mother just now and they haven't been handling them much up until now - they are pet store employees, not breeders. I'd like to buy 2 of them but I'm not sure they are being raised properly to start with. On the other hand, they are quite young and maybe its a good opportunity to bond with them while they are really young. Should I go ahead and buy 2 or run the other way?

I'm also worried that if I only buy 2, the third will be left without a littermate and may never be sold. But I've read that 3 males may eventually start to fight even if they are from the same litter and I only have a 10 gallon tank with a 2 storey high rise. Should I stick with my plan to only buy 2 or would it be safe to buy all 3 of them?

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