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Fleece liners for the GP - what do you put under your fleece?

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chicaguapa Sun 17-Feb-13 08:58:30

I've been using towels with a layer of fleece on top, but was thinking of sewing something so I can just lay it in the bottom and not have to tuck under etc. The guineapigcage forum talks about mattress pads and uhaul blankets and says these last longer than towels. I wondered what people in the UK use please?

BonkeyBeadyMollocks Sun 17-Feb-13 11:33:03

I am having some made by a friend - plenty of wadding (mattress protector etc) and then all wrapped in fleece.

I'm still hmm about it, have tried fleece before and didn't like it so I thought pads might help keep them neat and tidy.

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