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escaping Nibbles the rat

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yellowsheep Sun 10-Feb-13 22:10:14

DD begged for a pet to share her room, and after long thought we decided to get her a rat.... so we came home with 2 and a massive 'rat cage'. i am not sure if we have very young rats or big barred cage but 'nibbles' the super rat happily wanders out between the bars and has a wander about DD room exporing the delights of moshi monster world the animal zoo she has built and especially loves the wooden dools house (i often find it sitting on one of the beds on the top floor of the dolls house - she lets herself in through the front door)

She always finds her way back to the cage as number 2 rat 'ruby' dosnt venture out of the 'rat house bed thingy' much and is a bit skitish and they both like a snuggle.

Should i go and get another cage, or just wait until nibbles can no longer squeeze itself through the bars? or is there anything i can put on / around the cage to make it rat proof?

yellowsheep Mon 11-Feb-13 17:40:00

Have come home today to find both rats have made a lovley bed by chewing up / through DD duvet and chewed of the arm of her favorite toy.... (why why why did it have to be that one out of the mountains she has?????)

I am going to put them in a 'bigish' hamster cage untill we can get them a nibble/ruby [proof cage or untill they grow

any ideas on how long that will take? we spent £65 on a 'rat cage' only the bloody inhabitants keep escaping smile I am just glad that we havent moved our cat in yet ;)

fortifiedwithtea Tue 12-Feb-13 14:53:11

Oh no naughty Nibbles sad. Poor DD I hope she wasn't too upset. Its probably because it was the most played with toy it had the most er blush scent of another animal (that's what humans are, no offend to DD).

I'm a piggie keeper so cann't offer any advice. Just bumping your thread and hoping some rattie keepers come along soon smile.

Southwestwhippet Thu 21-Feb-13 20:11:22

Some of the rat cages on the market are only suitable for adult rats due to the width of the bars, sounds as if you have one of these. Mine girls are a year but I would say were full grown by about 4 months, or at least a decent size. They sell them very young in the pet shops though, the breeder I bought from didn't
let hers go until 8 weeks but I've seen them in Pets at Home not much bigger that a full grown mouse. sad.

My girls are in a ferplast Jenny which is suitable for all ages. Not cheap new but I got mine second hand off preloaded and they love it. The Savic Freddy also gets rave reviews by rat lovers but is harder to find second hand.

Southwestwhippet Thu 21-Feb-13 20:12:11

Pre loved that should read, still not great with this iPad, sorry!

pumpkinsweetie Thu 21-Feb-13 20:44:55

You need a rat cage, like mine. Mine has horizontal & vertical bars, i purchased it online of
Was a bargain, at £37, but an arse to put together. It took me & dh 2 hours to get it put together, but once it was up it is spacious and unexapable, even by baby rats.

It's so large (3 tiers)you can fit many water bottles (purchase separate), hammocks & toys.
I don't think they sell it anymore, but you may be able to buy it elsewhere.

Although small now, rats grow very fast, my two boys are 4months and massive now!! They'd be no escaping once they are that biggrin

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