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what to do with single male piggie

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soaccidentprone Thu 07-Feb-13 10:40:24

5 males piggies - yes Guinea pigsgrin

don't think our neighbours would be too impressed with porkers!

the plan was to put some of the together, but it didn't work out. some get on with others, and some only get on with 1 other. I was going to get the all castrated, but it was too damned expensive.

we had 4 in 2 hutches, and then someone moved house to a house without a garden, and asked me if I wanted her 2 piggies complete with hutch. well how can you say no to an offer like that?

the same also happened with our rabbits, we had 2 girls, someone asked me if I wanted another. I went round to see him. he was 8 months, didn't have a name, they picked him up rarely and used gardening glovesconfused so that they didn't get scratched. his hutch was barely big enough to turn round insad anyway I had already taken the 2 girl rabbits to be spayed as they were getting 'feisty', so I took Ringo to be castrated, bought a 6 foot hutch off eBay for £20 and bob's your uncle. they are all dwarfs and get along fine.

anyway I have a small scar on my hand from when Fred (the one who died) bit me the day we got back from our holiday. he was only a baby.

the single boar (Joe) is now in a large box in the kitchen until I decide what to do.

thanks for your advice so far, and if you have any more help etc please let me know.

Fallenangle Wed 06-Feb-13 23:02:24

What to do with a single male piggie? Marry him dear OP, marry him.

PretzelTime Wed 06-Feb-13 22:55:53

Lol at this topic, do you all have pig farms grin's about guinea pigs isn't it

fortifiedwithtea Wed 06-Feb-13 22:44:17

What 70 said. Poor piggie RIP. What a sad day for you sad.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 06-Feb-13 21:49:11

Poor piggie sad. 2.6 is young to die, especially out of the blue.

You know the 'piganalities' of your boys, but trios of boars are tricky to maintain.
And if it didn't work out then it would unsettle the boar pair.

You could either :
get him a piglet boar, then you'd have 3 pairs again
side-by-side him with the pair you think he'd get on best with. He'd have the company of the other boars to chat to without the risk of them feeling he's invading. He'll miss his cagemate but he's not alone alone IYSWIM.Then in the warmer weather you could see if they could get on as a trio, having seen how they interact and do some careful introductions. (If it doesn't work, then you could think baby boar). My 2 boys like each other being there but they don't tend to snuggle .In their haybox there's always a respectable distance grin

This is one situation where neutering + sow would be a no-no. Five boars would be a nightmare if they got a whiff of a sow shock

Just out of interest- how did you end up with 6 boars? All those male hog egos!

soaccidentprone Wed 06-Feb-13 21:26:39

we have 3 hutches each with 2 boar piggies in. they all seem to get on with their pair.

anyway we went out to feed them this afternoon and one was dead. no idea why, he was only 2 1/2. so we now have a solitary boar.

do I risk putting him in with one of the other pairs. he is 2 1/2. we have a large hutch with one of 5 and of 3, and the other smaller hutch has 2 both age 4.

I thought about bathing him and the 2 4 year olds and then cleaning out the large hutch and putting the 3 of then in there and the other 2 into one of the smaller hutches.

it's a bit cold to put them out in the run to burn off energy.

any advice?

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