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I think my ds is allergic to our new ratties.... advice needed please...

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guineapiglet Tue 05-Feb-13 15:05:23

I would certainly get him to go to docs to get his hands sorted out and to ask docs opinion on a potential allergy - reaction type thing - hopefully it will be easily treated. I really hope it is just a contact reaction, and he will be able to handle them long term. You will just have to see how it goes over a period of time.

(In our case, the allergy to dog and guineas was too severe to treat - he developed chronic asthma and eczema, and after 6 months of trying different things/solutions we very sadly had to have our beloved dog rehomed, sad it was a terrible time. The guineas were relocated to the shed in the end and he had minimal contact with them thereafter, so you do have to take allergies seriously - it is always useful to have a bottle of piriton at the ready in case of regular reactions, but this is something to talk about with the docs, personally it sends me high as a kite, it knocks my son straight out, as it is quite powerful stuff!!)

juicychops Tue 05-Feb-13 13:27:41

thanks for your replies im so glad you've not said get rid. ive booked a docs appointment for this evening but do you really think he needs to go docs? its an emergency sit and wait so would rather not go if its not needed.

ive told him no more handling the rats until his hands are better and then like you said guinea, il introduce them back bit by bit, and maybe not if he's got any cuts on his hands etc. im sure its not servere as we've had them 2 weeks now and this is the first experience of an allergy.

maybe il get him some piriton too.

guineapiglet Tue 05-Feb-13 11:23:44

Hi - Ihave a son who was very allergic to our dog and guineas, its very sad. Suggest that you get him some nice thick washable gloves which he can wear only when he handles the rats, and then they can be washed after contact. Would recommend epaderm cream, brilliant at healing scratched hands. Build up contact bit by bit, its hard I know.

fantashtic Tue 05-Feb-13 11:20:01

i am very allergic to some other animals, particularly cats and horses.
Maybe once a month, usually if I'm under the weather or have irritated skin I can get allergic to my rats. I just have an anti histamine and it goes away - i get the small blisters and itch. However, 9 times out of ten I don't have a reaction!

When I was a kid I was allergic to my rabbit, but over time it went away. I don't think you'll have to get rid of them. Just make sure your son has a long sleeved top on and maybe an old scarf round his neck - I recommend that for sharp ratty nails anyway!

juicychops Tue 05-Feb-13 10:19:37

we've had them for just over 2 weeks. sunday just gone ds was studded in the hand at football so had lots of little cuts on his hand. he's been handling the rats still as normal. This morning, his studded hand is covered in red blister type spots and also slightly up his wrist. there are also a few on the other hand.

Ive ruled out everything else as i cant think what else it could be other than rat dander.

Please dont tell me i have to consider rehoming my little babies as me and ds will be so devastated. ive done some googling and it suggests wiping their feet before handling, and keeping their claws cut to prevent scratches.

Could the fact that ds had scratches from football be the reason he's now reacted? as he's been fine for the 2 weeks prior to that since we've had them.

also, there are 3 rats, could it be possible that its an alergy to maybe just one rather than all?

i want to keep them sad

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