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i love my new ratties!! any advice for getting started?

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juicychops Wed 23-Jan-13 18:02:15

we got them on sunday (i gave in to impatience and got them from the pet shop blush)

it is now day 4 and they are getting on really well... i think.

day 1 we left them alone to get settled
day 2 we were putting our hands up to the bars/through the door to let them smell us
day 3 we took the top of the cage off so they are just in the bottom part and was stroking them/letting them climb over our hands.

day 4 we have just had the top of the cage off again and have been picking them up and giving them their first cuddles for the last hour. me and ds have worked out the best way... we had our dressing gowns on tied at round the middle, and they were running around inside our dressing gowns going in and out up our sleeves and climbing up our bodies and arms. they were a bit more confident than yesterday

They do smell quite a bit at the moment as they keep weeing in their bed as well as their 'corner'. i got a litter tray for them yesterday which i put in their wee corner with some of their soiled litter in it, but they decided to wee in a different corner instead! ive now put it in their new corner with all the soiled bedding and thats where im going to keep it now. ive given the old corner a little clean so that its not 'wee'ey' anymore. hoping they will use their litter tray instead of playing in it!

they have lots of toys/ropes/flannels tied up as hammocks/places to sleep/hide. any more hints/tips/advice you can give me?

Lara2 Sat 26-Jan-13 20:02:31

Try fancy rats website, it's just brilliant! Really good forums and tons of advice regarding cages,bedding, litter, toys health etc. Sadly, I have no rats at the moment. Enjoy yours!

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