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So sad :-(

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Sleepingbunnies Mon 21-Jan-13 19:32:10

Some of you may remember last year I started a thread about a lone guinea pig at a party my eldest DD went to... (don't know how to link)...

Just chatting to the friend, and I mentioned our girls have been in with all the bad weather (6 inches of snow here)... I made the stupid mistake of asking after the piggy I so desperately wanted to adopt sad

She said they havent changed anything with regards to him... he is outside... All on his own... And I know this is stupid but I almost cried and I again asked if I could have him! Her reply was 'don't start all that again'

So now having just given my girls some treats and cuddles I just feel so sad for him!

God, I need a slap! I can do nothing about it, don't even know why I'm posting tbh... Maybe just needed to say I wish people wouldn't get pets they dot fucking want or can't look after -- as good as me -- at all!!

Rant over....

Sleepingbunnies Wed 23-Jan-13 21:51:58

Nope he can't, my friend gave him to her mum because she couldnt be arsed with him in my opinion...

None of te other grandchildren will have him. It would involve their parents giving a shit sad

I know I should put him out of my mind... Part of me would be relieved
To be told he had passed... It's no fucking life he's having sad

KRITIQ Thu 24-Jan-13 11:51:45

What an absolute douchecanoe she was to reply like that. It's not just that she doesn't give a stuff about the welfare of a living creature, she doesn't give a stuff that you are distressed. She thinks it's funny. angry

I actually doubt the RSPCA will help very much. Even if they visit, the will probably just give some advice, a leaflet and leave, unless the animal is seriously injured, has no food or water or is in a very tiny enclosure. However, if you CAN get them to visit, at least it will be an embarrassment to her - van pulling up, inspectors going in, etc. I have a feeling that won't change her mind though. She's convinced she's right, you're being stupid and it's perfectly acceptable to treat a living creature as you would a toy that's no fun to play with anymore.

I'm thinking stupid things, like picketing her house, starting a petition against her
on the Petition Site, telling her neighbours door to door.

Is the granny a sociopath as well? I'm guessing yes.

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