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Got my first rat cage!! now to get the rats.....

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juicychops Fri 18-Jan-13 20:37:55

got a second hand furplast jenny cage from ebay for £41 in excellent condition. Just re arranged the whole of my flat to accomodate it

now ive got to find a local breeder to get my 2 new little ratties....

im going for 2 boys

lljkk Sat 19-Jan-13 16:28:02

good luck, have you browsed the Rescue sites, too? Would you consider getting 3 of them (would they fit?). Cuts risks of loneliness in case of unexpected death.

Plentyofpets Sat 19-Jan-13 17:26:24

What area are you? I may know of a breeder

juicychops Sat 19-Jan-13 18:28:57

Ive looked all over the web but can't find anyone local enough to me. Ive found a few odd ads but they are years out of date.

i live in Dartford so would have to be quite close to me. i have access to my dp's car sometimes, but its not overly reliable so don't want to be travelling far out. If anyone knows of a breeder close by that would be great

lljkk Sat 19-Jan-13 20:08:04

You've looked here?

juicychops Sun 20-Jan-13 13:20:11

yeah have looked here already. no one has used these forums for over a year.

would it be sooooo bad if i visited a pet shop??

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 20-Jan-13 14:12:18

would it be sooooo bad if I visited a pet shop

Are you sitting comfortably juicychops to prepare to be flamed grin
I know you want your rats yesterday. My DD was a nightmare while we were waiting to take possession of our guinea-pigs.

But you know, deep down, really. If you get PetShop rats, you don't know there background.
Females are more likely to get tumours (I know you said you were after male rats) but at least you can find out their medical history from a proper breeder.

They'll be handled regularly. They'll know their personalities.
Plus there's the whole arguement of "Don't Breed or Buy while Rescues Die".

But ones in Rescue- you will get some of their background- like why they are in rescue. And they'll have had a check up.
You'll just have to search.

Your rats are out there...waiting for you.

lljkk Sun 20-Jan-13 16:17:08

I got most of mine from pet shops and have no regrets.

Up to Date link for Rescue in SE and London. There are direct email addresses there, you might ask if one of the advertisers knows of someone more local to you. Then there's RSPCA.

One thing I suggest about rescues: make very sure you know the history and temperament. We had 4 rescue rats I kind of chose at random. One was lovely, 2 were alright. The other was an unrepentant chronic vicious biter. 1 died of respiratory problems, 3 died of lumps. No lumps among our pet shop rats who were much healthier and hugely much nicer, we had socialised them well.

(did old FR site blow up due to politics? They were quite extremist full on Goth teen rat fiends most of them)

Mynewmoniker Sun 20-Jan-13 16:28:06 Try this. I used to be a member

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 20-Jan-13 16:30:07

There used to be a lovely petshop near me (independant) where the DC used to go for a look and a chat.
They handled their animals regularly.
DD was allowed to cuddle a rat (didn't faze her) male one, they said they were quieter.
DS was allowed to cuddle a puppy (but not once they'd been reserved which is 100% understanable)

Shop has now gone sad
And unfortunately the good ,individual advice .

Jojobump1986 Sun 20-Jan-13 16:32:41

This is the new FR forum. There are NFRS shows that go on all over the place so you might be able to find a breeder planning on going to one near you! I personally wouldn't recommend pet shop boys - we had some before we even knew breeders existed & they had to be neutered due to major attitude problems! We had a couple of lovely girls from a breeder though. Definitely worth the wait IMO! smile

Floralnomad Sun 20-Jan-13 16:38:26

If you google fancy rats and go to the national society they have alist of breeders and there are contact details for some in Dartford. Sorry I can't link I'm a technophobe.

juicychops Mon 21-Jan-13 14:21:20

Thanks everyone for all your advice. however......

im ashamed to say i gave in to impatience when i was in a pet shop yesterday....

i left with rats!!! blush blush blush

i couldn't say no, i was like a child. we were holding them and they were just so lovely and cute and seemed to like being handled. they wasn't too shy and my son was confident with them too. they were very lively and curious.

I did only want 2, but there were 3 left. they told me that until the last one was sold they wouldn't get any more so the one left would have to be sold alone. i had decided i only really wanted 2 so we chose our 2 and brought them home. I couldn't stop thinking about the one i left behind and ended up going back to get her.

we've been trying to leave them alone to get used to their cage, but they are so funny just to watch. we are going to give them a little handle this evening

Floralnomad Mon 21-Jan-13 14:26:49

You got girls then? Good luck with them , 3 is a lovely number to have and it's so cute when they all sleep in a big heap on a hammock!

juicychops Mon 21-Jan-13 14:43:39

yeah i got girls. i was originally after boys but the girl in the pet shop has girls and she was telling me the pros and cons of each and as they had girls in and they were so lovely i decided to go against everything i had originally decided just so that i could get them ones!!

i am very silly, but im sure i wont regret it. they have a little hammock although only one of them has ventured up there so at the moment they sleep in a huddle in a corner covered in shredded kitchen roll

70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 21-Jan-13 15:58:32

grin Did you negotiate a discount on Rat3 ?

I know you said you live in Dartford. DD and I sometimes go to Lakeside there's a PetShop on the upper level that has rats.
That's where I saw the girlies swinging about and the boys....not.

TBH - female rodenty types do smell sweeter. (Mum of 2 guinea boars hmm )

Are they baby rats?
What colours?

Were the 2 you brought home pleased to see their cagemate after you went back for her? (It's like Officer and a Gentleman )

juicychops Mon 21-Jan-13 17:44:06

no, i tried to get a discount but they wouldn't offer one sad

none of them seemed excited when the three of them were at last reunited after an hour and a half apart, but i like to think that they were. i just couldn't get over the guilt of leaving one behind!

they are very active - we've been sticking our hands in this evening for them to have a good smell. im going to try and tease them out later once ds is in bed - he's a bit loud for them i think.

They are about 11 and a half weeks old so not as young if they were from a breeder, but still small and hopefully young enough to get used to being handled LOTS.

two are white and oatmeal sort of colour with red eyes (one redder than the other), and one is black and white with black eyes. They are so cute, but looking forward to them being a bit bigger

juicychops Mon 21-Jan-13 17:44:28

they are dumbos

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