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Accidental bunnies!

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TheInvisiblePoster Sat 12-Jan-13 10:09:06

In August we bought two gorgeous female lionhead rabbits from a reputable breeder. The reason we bought two girls was so that they would be company for each other.

However 8 weeks ago when I went to check on my girls I found a furry nest with 5 babies in itshock

We then had to go out and buy another hutch to put the dad rabbit in, Our financial situation has changed drastically for the worst since August so this was an expense we could really do without.

Unfortunately one of the babies died but the others have been a joy to watch growing every day.

The problem we have now is that even though we've advertised them for sale we aren't getting any interest and as awful as it sounds we need them re homed asap as they are costing a fortune to keep and money is very tightsad

Does anyone have any suggestions of what we could do if we can't find loving homes for them, we really can't afford to keep them all as lovely as they aresad

Porkster Sat 12-Jan-13 11:04:51

We had 7 accidents from our 2 females!

We got the dad done immediately, the 2 were so close we couldn't have separated them. We were lucky in that the female was not already pg again.

I managed to rehome (for free) all of the babies in pairs (apart from 1 obv).

I put it in the school newsletter, sent a text to all my friends & a mner had 2.

Don't sell them, give them away and you might have more luck.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 12-Jan-13 23:42:27

I've never had rabbits (Guinea-pigs here) but I've had accidental litters myself - way back.

Have you been in touch with the breeders? Did you specifically ask for females?
TBH I'd have been on the phone as soon as the rabbits were born.
I can appreciate it is difficult to say 100% with young animals. But now you've got an unplanned litter of rabbits.

I've checked on Rabbit Forums- you'll be needing to think about their myxi vaccines (from 6 weeks) which is another expense.
Have you contacted any rabbit rescues? They will vaccine and neuter the bunnies. And they'll make sure the new owners know what they're taking on. Which you can't guarentee if you sell/give them to friends. They might be more than happy to take a baby bunny but in a month/two months will they still be as keen?

And personally speaking- if I was going to take on another animal (which I'm not, my hands are full of GP boars) I wouldn't give a penny in payment.
I paid the Rescue £30 for my 2 boars (I checked how much they would be in a PetShop) but if I was taking on a pet- and TBH they would be doing you the favour here- I'd be giving the animal a long term loving knowledgeable home.
And for that, I wouldn't pay them.

So , unfortunately you might be looking at rehome via Rescue before they cost you money (myxi, HVD. neutering)

They might have a waiting list and you might need to give them a surrender donation.
But they'll have a waiting list of Home Checked would-be adopters.

Good Luck.

BonkeyMollocks Sun 13-Jan-13 09:38:58

Firstly I would have been on the phone SHARPISH to the breeder!

Mistakes happen but if they are a good breeders then they will be happy to take the babies off your hands free of charge because at the end of the day it was a mistake their end!

If this fails then I would go down the rescue route. they will look after them and find them good homes which like 70 says - you can't guarantee if you sell them , and tbh you sound like you really need them to go so will you be taking time/ asking questions etc etc to make sure they aren't going to be snake food?

I also wouldn't be expecting any money. But please please don't give them away for free (see previous paragraph) . Friends? Family? Dc's school friends ? I know I contradict myself there but I hope you know what I mean.

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