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Lone Guinea Pig

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TreadOnTheCracks Thu 10-Jan-13 14:31:36

Until Saturday I had 2 guinea pigs, they are in a sheltered spot int he garden, have a hutch snuggle, vet bed under their bedding. Last year they survived -18 c. We cover the front of the hutch in double thickness carpet.

One of them had to be pts on Saturday and I am now worried that the other one is going to be cold now temperatures are dropping a bit.

I could make a makeshift overnight home for the remaining guinea pig in the shed.

I have been advised by the vet in the past not to bring them indoors as they are acclimatised to living outside (guinea pigs overheat easily).

Anyone got any ideas?

FernieB Thu 10-Jan-13 15:04:16

Poor lonely pig sad. How is lone pig adjusting to the single life? Hope it's okay.

Not sure about outside pigs as mine live in absolute luxury inside, within listening distance of the fridge door and are completely spoilt. As yours is acclimatised to outdoor living, it is best it stays out. I'm sure others with outdoor piggies will be along to help you soon. If it was me, I'd probably try out the shed to see how it goes, just while the temperatures are very low at night.

guineapiglet Thu 10-Jan-13 15:26:59

AAw, very sorry to hear about your guinea - hope the companion is doing OK? Do read some of the earlier threads on here, there are loads of people with good advice about guineas, particularly for those outside - I am amazed your guineas did so well last year, as they are very susceptible to cold and damp and really dont thrive in low temperatures, your guinea may have caught a cold this year with damp grass. I have had 9 guineas over the past years, and lived in the NW, where temps dropped very quickly, and never had them outside, but always in a shed, if you put the remaining one in the shed, at least you know he/she will acclimatise gradually, rather then bringing them into the house where there is central heating - the shed will be a bit warmer and less draughty - temperatures are due to drop again so this may gradually get him/her used to being inside a bit. Lots of hay, bedding and snuggly things may help as well. The guinea will be sad and lonely without the companion so maybe think about a rescue over time to act as a partner, lots of advice about that as well on here.
Good luck!

TreadOnTheCracks Thu 10-Jan-13 16:13:57

Yes she is sad, didn't eat her pepper and cucumber yesterday. She has eaten today though.

She has a huge run and it has been a bit bogged down in all the rain, although better now.

I think I will bring her in tonight as it's going to be 0 c.

Chopstheduck Thu 10-Jan-13 16:18:26

Guinea pigs aren't really supposed to run around on wet grass, because they will catch colds. They aren't really good with cold temps. You can get microwaveable hutch warmers, which he could cuddle up to. Being suddenly single he may be suffering a bit more, because normally they huddle together to keep warm. It's def best to do a gradual move indoors rather than bring him straight in with the heating on full.

I lsot two rabbits at christmas, so the single now spends nights in the storeroom where she's more sheltered until I can sort out a permanent solution.

TreadOnTheCracks Thu 10-Jan-13 18:35:37

She is tucked away in the shed (it's a brick built shed with a freezer in so it's lots warmer than outside but not the temp shock of coming indoors.)

I have just ordered her a snugglesafe warmer from amazon - that's exactly what we need. I'll use that and then if it gets really cold she can come in as well.

I'll keep her in her hutch if the run is too wet, thanks for that tip.

I will get her a couple of friends, but not a good time to do it, will wait until spring.

Thanks all for your help.

Sorry about your rabbits Chops.

guineapiglet Thu 10-Jan-13 19:55:50

Hi again - good idea to bring her in keep her warm and cosy, she will be in a bit of shock losing her companion, so will need lots of snuggling and cuddles from you. Might be worth contacting local guinea rescue to see if they have any girl singletons looking for a pair- girls, in my opinion are much easier to integrate, but it does take time, they dont automatically get on, so you may need another hutch whilst you get them used to each other. Probably wouldnt put mine out in Jan/Feb as very damp/wet grass can really make them ill, so maybe best to keep indoors with lots of hay and attention. Hope she is happier there!

Chops - sorry about your rabbits, what a horrible time to lose them and sad for the one left, sounds like she is more comfortable where you have her.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Thu 10-Jan-13 20:47:23

YY to bringing her 'in'. She'll be missing her cagemate (and they do give each other warmth as well as comfort from the companionship)

The SnugglePads are good for longterm warmth (they're not as hot as a hotwater bottle) but they'll keep going for hours (they say up to 10 but I've found 8 hours maximum).
My little piggie sits on the SnugglePad buried in the haybed.

She'll appreciate a bit more company. Can you maybe leave a radio on for her , for the noise?
Are you looking at getting her a couple of young female pig companions?
Why do you want to wait till Spring? If she's inside you can keep an eye on them more closely. And provided it's warm enough for new pigs and they've got enough room?
Winter must be the most depressing time for GPs- dark, cold, no grass time.

(I've got an oil filled radiator on low in my boys' Pighouse, to keep it warmish for them -don't want to cook them grin - but they don't snuggle up. In at night in our small bedroom )
I call the room "The guinea-pigs' bedroom" now. shock It's my store room!
<<slaps self and mentally evicts the guinea-pigs>>

silver73 Thu 10-Jan-13 23:30:02

So sorry to hear about your piggie. Please do not delay getting your remaining pig a companion. I had three pigs and one died and two left became very depressed until we got three more rescue pigs.

A pig on their own can go downhill very very fast and I have heard stories of piggies not recovering from the loss of their friend and dying soon after. My beloved Dotty Pig lost her sister a few months ago but got over it by having the three younger rescue pigs as company.

Please please get your piggie a friend from a rescue asap and don't wait until the spring. As much as pigs love our company they are miserable without gp company. At this time of year the rescues will be full of piggies needing a good home.

TreadOnTheCracks Fri 11-Jan-13 20:11:25

I'm going to google guinea pig rescue and see what I can find.

TreadOnTheCracks Sun 20-Jan-13 09:45:45

Just am update, she is in a new big cage in the brick build shed, with lots of toys and her snuggle safe, seems much happier.

Still working on finding a local rescue place, she does need a friend.

guineapiglet Sun 20-Jan-13 15:08:05

Hi - sounds like she is much happier indoors, so well done on getting her settled, she may get a bit isolated out there, so make sure she gets lots of attention and fun and games! Good luck in finding her a friend I am sure one will turn up for you, even one of the sad and lonely P @ H ones? I hate using them and have hated using them for years, but the fact is these sad and lonely guineas need friends too and I cant bear the idea of them sitting waiting just because they are not cute enough.....rant... rant. Hope you find a companion for her soon smile

TreadOnTheCracks Sun 20-Jan-13 15:59:35

I have had a sneaky look in our local pet shop, but they only had a boy when I went in. Don't want any babies.

Also a bit worried that they have been in a warm shop, although our brick outbuilding is much warmer than outdoor would still be a shock at this time of year.

I am making lots of fuss of her and taking her a warmed snuggle safe 3 times a day at the moment. She seems perkier than she did.

Thanks again for everyone's help.

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