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What to do about rabbit?

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ItsAllGoingToBeFine Mon 07-Jan-13 22:10:38

On Saturday I was cleaning out house rabbit so had to move him out of litter tray.

He kind of fell out of litter tray, and then out of hutch to floor (about 6").He then proceeded to drag himself across the floor, then lay on his side pooing profusely.

Called DH home, at this point rabbit had recovered a bit but seemed to be unable to weight bear on his front right leg.

DH took to vet, leg not broken, maybe strained, maybe neurological (mini stroke). Rabbit eating find. Given anti biotic to give to rabbit.

Today - lots of thrashing around in litter tray, he had fallen over and couldn't push himself up. Lots of scrabbling all day. When I gave him his meds this evening he was just lying on his side, and there was no protesting (there was a bit yesterday). He is still eating fine, but he can't get to his food by himself, had to pretty much hand feed him. He seems to have given up moving around and now seems unable to use back right leg as well. Previously we could help and sit him up, now he just slowly folds up and falls over.

My main concern is hygiene, he can't clean himself (and he isn't use to handling so us cleaning him causes him a lot of distress).

He can't move, and he can't use his litter tray so he's going to inevitably end up covered in wee. Don't want to put a substrate down as he will be breathing in it as he mostly has chin on floor.

He is still eating so apparently this means he is happy?

Dh is going to consult vdt tomorrow, but want to know what you guys think. I'm worried about selfishly keeping him alive when he is suffering, and I am worried about putting him down for selfish reasons.

We have had him for about six years and he was quite young when we got him. Owners children were allergic to him, and shelters wouldn't take him so we are in no way rabbit experts. He is a house rabbit.

And advice/hand holding gratefully accepted.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Mon 07-Jan-13 22:50:10

Plaintive bump

FrantasticO Mon 07-Jan-13 22:55:59

Sorry I don't have any answers but thought I'd bump the thread again for you.
Hope it all works out for your rabbit.

ThisIsNotWhatIWasAfter Mon 07-Jan-13 23:03:38

If the vet doesn't have any sensible suggestions (without charging a small fortune) Then it sounds to me like its time, that's no real quality of life for your bunny sad I'm not an expert by anyone's standards but i do have some experience. Good luck to you and bunny.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Mon 07-Jan-13 23:15:58

Thank you for the bump, and thank you for the advice. I kind of thought his quality of life is now pretty poor but worried I would get flamed for being to lazy to hand feed him, and clean him etc.

ThisIsNotWhatIWasAfter Tue 08-Jan-13 00:12:59

I'm pretty sure i wouldn't be hand feeding a bunny who's not keen on being handled for any extended period of time. But that's just me. Unfortunately small furries are great at hiding that they're poorly until they are practically at deaths door, so frustrating.

FannyFifer Tue 08-Jan-13 00:19:56

Ah the poor thing, you can't leave him like that.
Does he usually have run of the house? If he can't get about at all then u will have to get him pts.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Tue 08-Jan-13 01:28:02

Oh bloody hell - I just realised that of course the poor thing can't drink either. I don't know when he last had a drink, he has some wet food but I don't know how much moisture he actually gets. Will have to try and syringe feed him some water tomorrow - I feel really, really guilty now sad

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Tue 08-Jan-13 01:41:12

Just tried to give him some water - I don't think I'll see him alive again. He's got a bit of kick left in at least one leg but he can't move himself at all, his feet are covered in wee, and his back end is all poo.

I feel crap leaving him like that but I don't feel like there is anything else I can do.

The rest of the house is asleep and I'm lying here Having a wee cry.

Poor poor rabbit.

BonkeyMollocks Tue 08-Jan-13 11:48:27

How is he today?

Re. water can you get some cucumber into him? Very high in water!

I agree with everyone else. If he is uncomfortable then its kinder to have him pts sad Especially if he is not used to being handled very much because, like you said, its probably causing him more distress and not doing him any good.

When its time, its time. You just know in your heart!


Kormachameleon Tue 08-Jan-13 11:54:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Tue 08-Jan-13 12:15:24

RIP Rabbit sad

Thanks for all the kind words.

FrantasticO Tue 08-Jan-13 19:40:13

Hope you are ok. Take care.

FernieB Tue 08-Jan-13 19:46:13

So sorry to hear about your bunny. Sounds like you gave him all the love and care he needed in his last days and that he had a wonderful home with you. Six years old is good for a rabbit, so you clearly gave him a happy and healthy life.

Hope you're okay. Take care.

KRITIQ Wed 09-Jan-13 00:18:17

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear this. Yes, it sounds like you did everything possible for him and I'm sure he knew that in some way. RIP Bun (and hugs to you.)

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