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I think pig 2 is on her way out.

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SledsImOn Thu 20-Dec-12 16:13:57

Is there anything I can do to make her more comfy? Or will she rather be left alone?

She's never been highly sociable. I posted a week or two ago as she wasn't eating, she picked up slightly and started to drink her water a bit and ate some apple and cucumber etc.

But since yesterday she's been very hunched, her fur is all puffed out, her eyes have sunken and she's barely had any of the cucumber I put in the cage.

She also seems a bit confused and rambly - wandering about and sitting in unusual places.

I held her earlier for a minute and she clucked a bit, and I put her back and she hardly moved.

She is 3-4yo. Her cage is in a conservatory and I think she is warm enough.

Just...I don't know if she would want to be held or not. Any thoughts?

Or should I take her to be put to sleep, or something?

SledsImOn Thu 20-Dec-12 16:45:39

Bump...wondering if it would be kindest to take her to vet this evening?

RedToothbrush Thu 20-Dec-12 17:24:54

It does sound like she's not got long left I'm afraid. If she's like that, I'd be surprised if she makes it through the night. They do tend to go downhill very rapidly.

In all honesty, if she's not eating there really isn't very much you can do for her. Certainly by the time they are like that, theres very little a vet can do but put them to sleep. I think a lot of it depends on your conscious and whether you think she is in pain/distress. I do think that sometimes it can be more distressing to take them to the vets, and sometimes it can be better to just make them comfortable and leave them or give them hugs at home. But it really does depend on the pig.

Its a tough call, and I'm not convinced there is always a right answer.

Sorry thats a non-committal answer.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Thu 20-Dec-12 17:37:12

She does sounds like she's on the road out sad
Mine used to go all 'floppy' like their backbones were rubber and couldn't support their head weight.
Has she got little lumps behind her ears (where the baldy bit is?)

In your place, I'd just pop her in a box with a blanket and keep her with you.
You can offer her food- see if she'll take a treat to keep her hydrated at least.

But I'm guessing by tomorrow you'll know (I've never taken a pig to be PTS.They've all gone in their sleep or in our arms. Sounds really mean like I begrudge a vet visit. But unless she's in pain, the stress would be worse)


guineapiglet Thu 20-Dec-12 18:08:16

Oh no - how sad for you all, rotten time to be so very ill - it does sound as if she is struggling and as everyone else has said, it is a tough call. Guineas go down hill so quickly, - I can only say what I would do - in total have had 9 guineas, and 2 of these had to go to be PTS - unless she is in obvious pain, I wouldnt do it - it is a horrible stressful experience for all concerned. I have helped most of my girls out, and it is really horrible, but worth doing for your sake and hers. Everything70 has said - keep her warm, comforable, not too noisy, keep an eye on her, coo at her, give her lots of encouragement surround her with hay, and if she wont drink, any 'hydrating' fruit, like apple, grapes or cucumber. SHe needs to be left to do it her way, as long as she is comfortable, not in complete darkness etc. - Keep an eye on her as much as you can, she may rally, lets hope she does, will be thinking of you.

guineapiglet Thu 20-Dec-12 18:10:01

PS - yes, do stroke her gently, dont pick her up, just lots of reassuring and gentle noises.

SledsImOn Fri 21-Dec-12 11:01:48

Thankyou all. We got her in for a cuddle last night - just for about 10 minutes, ds1 stroked her, I let her go inside my cardi, she seemed Ok and not in any pain which is a great blessing. So we decided her own home was perhaps the best place to stay.

She stumbled out of her little hut this morning to see me, but was very wobbly. and then when I just got back from the shopping, she was on her side, breathing is a bit erratic, very shallow, I stroked her nose for a moment, I think she will be gone very soon if not already.

Poor little thing. She was always the submissive one, she would come and get the food for Gloria (her fatter friend) and take it to her in the other compartment...God bless little pig.

ClaimedByMe Fri 21-Dec-12 11:06:07

Aww poor wee piggy, we had one go like that a few months ago, it was awful seeing her just lying there, I ended up sending dp to the vet with her as she had been like that nearly 24 hours and I couldn't watch anymore, poor we mite died in the vets hands. Hope your wee piggy goes peacefully sad

SledsImOn Fri 21-Dec-12 11:29:44's awful isn't it and sorry about your little one.

I've been standing watching her and she is taking the odd gasp, and wriggling a bit, but can't get up - I don't know if she is in distress or this is just end-of-life stuff and she's fairly unaware.

I keep thinking of how I could make it quicker for her - but I don't think she would make it as far as the vet tbh.

Dillydollydaydream Fri 21-Dec-12 11:37:41

Ah poor piggy sad
I think moving her and taking her to the vets now with all the strange noises and smells will just be stressful for her. Just keep her warm an comfy.

SledsImOn Fri 21-Dec-12 11:39:51

I think you're right.

Trying to think of the best way to bury her so the fox doesn't get her.

The last one got dug up within a few days. I might use the same hole and cover it with a giant paving slab.

guineapiglet Fri 21-Dec-12 16:08:46

Oh I am sorry to hear she is not rallying, it does sound final from what you have described, how horrible for you, bless her, hope she hasnt suffered too much, and as you say, they go into a trance really, so as long as you are around you can makesure she is comfortable.

We have usually buried guineas ina deep hole, I put them in a shoe box on a pile of hay, with some food in and put the lid on fixed with elastic bands. We have marked each one with a large stone from the beach, and a little poem - if the hole is deep the guinea should be fox proof.

SledsImOn Fri 21-Dec-12 17:52:18

Thankyou so much. Some good ideas there...I stayed with her for a while, not sure if she was suffering, I hope not. But she finally went sometime before 12.

I've put her in a deep hole where I pulled out a dead tree a while ago, and covered her with earth and put some bricks over it to stop it being dug up.

Poor old girl. Wherever she has gone I hope she is happier and possibly back with her old chum, they were together from the off, and so close. I think after the first one died in the summer, life was never quite the same.

Thanks everyone for all your help. I did speak to the vet yesterday evening but he said it was up to me, and I am kind of glad she went in her own surroundings...having your advice on here was invaluable x

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 21-Dec-12 18:22:15

They do tend to go quick IME .And I always think it's nicer for them to go in their own environment (unless they are suffering).
They're quite stressy little animals, so a trip to the vet with the journey, other animals smells and a jab isn't the way I'd want my pigs to go.

If they slip away , it's peaceful and they know that you are there even if it's when you've gone out or during the night.

RIP piggie. To the Rainbow Bridge.

noyouhavehadawee Fri 21-Dec-12 19:07:43

Rip piggy sad. May you be frolicking in a bail of hay somewhere peaceful and sunny....

Dillydollydaydream Sat 22-Dec-12 13:36:43

Aww rip little piggy x

fortifiedwithtea Sat 22-Dec-12 23:41:33

RIP piggysad. If it had me I would have done the same, peaceful end at home.

Sleepingbunnies Mon 24-Dec-12 08:57:19

So sorry to read this.... RIP piggy xx

EddieVeddersfoxymop Mon 24-Dec-12 15:39:21

Exactly the same has happened to me today with foxypig2.....checked him this morning and he was hunched, puffy and sunken eyed.

We took him to the vet who felt he was just giving up after the loss of his hutch mate and father a couple of months ago. So we let him slip over the bridge this morning, and he's now buried with his dad.


70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 24-Dec-12 18:48:56

Aw little foxypig sad

Another pig to the bridge.
It does sound like he went quietly as well, that's always a comfort.

EddieVeddersfoxymop Sun 30-Dec-12 14:22:52

Thanks 70, he did go gently, in the arms of the vet we trust and then came home to rest with foxypig1. Missing him like mad - hope he's happy at the bridge with his daddy. sad sad

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