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What should I do with my guinea pig???

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mummyloveslucy Wed 19-Dec-12 14:27:57

Hi, we bought a GP from a rescue center about 6 months ago. He was sent there as he was attacking the other GP's. They said he was friendly and liked people. Since he's been with us, he doesn't like to be held, he just sits hiding in his bed. He sqeeks every time we go neer him and he bites. If I put him in his run, he just hides in the enclosed bit.
I'm sure he's not happy with us, and to be honest, he's giving us very little enjoyment. It's not what we wanted in a pet, and if the rescue center was honest, we wouldn't have had him.
our 7 year old daughter doesn't like holding him anymore, as he bites. She's always been extreamly gentle with him.
What should I do? I'd feel really guilty for sending him back, but maybe he'd be happier alongside other GP's, but not in the same cage? They did say he seemed happy there.
Or is there anything we can do to make him happier with us?

FernieB Thu 20-Dec-12 12:52:57

Hope you get him settled down mummyloveslucy as you sound like a very caring GP mum.

Would echo what people have said about them liking company. Ours are in what was originally the dining room but is now known as the pigroom. As it's in the centre of the house, we are always wandering through and stop to chat with the boys every time. They are also visited by our houserabbit who is free range and likes to stare at them in their cage (once when I left the lid open, he leapt in with them for a visit - they were not amused and the lid is kept firmly shut now).

As for the nipping - one of ours (Scruffypig) is very chewy and will have a nibble at anything/anyone he can reach - that just seems to be his character. He doesn't mean anything by it, just seems to think that everything is edible. Smoothpig is the opposite and couldn't be more polite or well behaved. It does make it quite difficult to cuddle Scruffypig and we put him in a small basket for strokes, otherwise we'd have holes in all our clothes/arms/fingers etc.

guineapiglet Thu 20-Dec-12 13:25:18

Could the guinea be squeezed into the living room area, is that too intrusive? It is a tough time of year to keep them occupied and amused, so any interaction or distraction will be appreciated by them - the paddling pool idea is utterly brilliant and I wish I had thought of it! However dont expect him to like it at once, guineas are very suspcious of change, so give him somewhere to hide in it like an igloo and short bursts of getting used to having space to roam......Fernie is right, they all have different characters, some are happy being held, and some get frantic. The frantic ones may respond by being wrapped up whilst held, I used an old tea towel for one of mine and would swaddle her in it - she used to purr as it made her feel secure. Once they feel happy and secure, try feeding him on your lap, some leaves, bits of apples etc. I know it is messy, but the more human contact he has the more sociable he will be, but these things do take time, he wont change his character over night, and needs to be encouraged to have new and exciting experiences!smile

FernieB Thu 20-Dec-12 15:58:15

Didn't think of wrapping up - I do that with mine and they love it.

mummyloveslucy Thu 20-Dec-12 16:37:50

Thank you. smile we do feed him on our laps, as it helps to distract him and keeps him happy. I could try wrapping him up too. He's been in his pool today, for about 4 hours. He seemed to enjoy it! He was a lot more interested and wandered around a lot more, after a while of hiding in his tube. I gave him some fresh grass, food and apple. My DD liked having him with us too.
He can't be in the living room all the time, but I'm going to get him a new cage to go in our room. (Next door to the living room) Fingers crossed he'll be a lot happier. smile

Thank you everyone for your advice and tips. thanks

guineapiglet Thu 20-Dec-12 18:13:46

Wow! Sounds like progress already - am really pleased to hear he liked getting out and about, and from the other thread, marking his territory - - this is what we all meant about including them as part of the family, you will enjoy them and they will enjoy you! He will be happy to be included and aware of all that is going on around him - you may even find as he gains confidence, that he is less frantic and bitey. Sounds great!

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