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So, I went into a Pets at Home today....

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...against my better judgement but pigwigs needed hay and it was closer than anywhere else at the time! Lesson learnt

I actively avoided the animals because it makes me sad .

Went to get some hay - all looked bloody rank! And a third more expensive than my usual place for half the amount hmm . Stupid me actually thought it may be a tad cheaper being a chain and all hmm . Plus it was so beige and shit! The stuff I buy is lovely and green - even the bad batches are still bloody green!
I picked up timothy hay to start, took it to the till, then took it back because I decided it looked awful.
Went back and decided to get them burgess forage because it was the only thing that looked tasty and didn't cost a bomb!

Then, somehow or another I got drawn to the rescue centre hmm <bad move>
- 2 rabbits that "Have been in the shop so long so the charity is trying to find a them a loving home" hmm
-2 male pigs - both in separate glass fronted small cages hiding under the bridges. "My friends all got chosen and I was left alone - Looking for a loving home"
-A number of hamsters - same as above
sad sad sad

I would have had those bloody pigs in fact I would have had the lot and considering how much i dislike rabbits that says a lot if i thought dh wouldn't kill me and then cook them ... they looked so sad in their shitty small tanks. I actually think that they were a third of the size of my boys ones and I still think my cages could be bigger sad

Then I very stupidly walked passed the other animals and yes, they were fucking packed full ready for xmas! Why, oh bloody why do they need to get new 'stock' when they can't sell the ones they had in the first place. Those pigs couldn't have been more than 10 weeks, not exactly past the cute baby stage sad sad
Most of those animals will be sold for presents and then end up rotting somewhere when people get bored, and god only knows what will happen to the ones that grow up/get left etc and can't find a home! sad

Oh it makes me sooooo angry .

I will never ever step back in there! No matter how bloody convenient!

Rant over ish .

KRITIQ Thu 03-Jan-13 11:52:26

For Timothy Hay, Pet Planet has a special on Animal Dreams, which my boys love, at £1.99 for a small but densely packed bale.

This also seems a good value - £14.99 for 17 KG of regular hay.

I've had the "Comfey" hay from them before and it was quite good.

At times, even the hay at Tesco isn't bad. It's not been a good year for hay I don't think.

Chopstheduck Thu 03-Jan-13 11:59:09

my trio of buns never would touch P@H hay. Only got one left now (two got taken by a fox Christmas night sad) They won't even eat their Timothy hay, so if I can't get to a LPS, I have to get the Burgess forage.

I hate seeing the rabbits in there. All that sawdust (very abd for rabbits respiratory systems), no litter tray, nasty looking scraps of hay, overflowing bowls of pellets.

Did anyone here about the VIP buns scandal too? baby rabbits bred in Spain that have already been vaccinated, micro-chipped & neutered at 4-5 weeks of age. sad

I could be so tempted to go get a baby from there to bond with my lonely doe, to get one rabbit out of there, but it's just feeding the trade.

KRITIQ Thu 03-Jan-13 14:29:17

Oh Chops, so so very sorry to hear about your buns. How awful!

I'd heard about the VIP buns. I can only imagine the impact of all that intervention on such a young animal must be.

I'm sure there's a wee bub somewhere in a rescue that would love to live with your sad doe now. Just have a look around. Take good care.

Chopstheduck Thu 03-Jan-13 14:41:19

thanks KRITIQ smile

I'm in touch with a local rescue. Apparently there is a shortage of local does, so I will either rehome Coco with someone who wants a female to go with a bereaved male, or consider rescuing a solo male to bond with my doe. I'm kinda hoping I can find a lovely home for my doe, as I'm very worried about the fox coming back, and so at the moment Coco is having to sleep in a rabbit cage in the storeroom at nights to be absolutely certain she is safe. It's reasonably spacious, enough room for litter tray, periscoping, but not really a long term solution sad

guineapiglet Thu 03-Jan-13 15:50:53

V sorry to hear about your rabbit, what a horrible thing to happen, do hope your lady is safe and sound, but I know what you mean about worrying about her- it happened to our old neighbours last year, first the fox took the rabbits and then came back for the chickens despite them supposedly being fox proofed - it would be sad for you to give her up totally, some friends of ours have a couple of rabbits in an 'egglu' type thing which seems secure but not that spacious....... it is a rotten time of year for furries. I agree with you about not using P @ H, but I might be tempted to rescue creatures if I knew I could offer just one wretched animal a home, as you say, it does feed the whole cycle and adds to their business so its quite a quandry to know what to do. I used to get all my guineas hay from a local farmer who charged about a fiver for a massive bale, and refused to go back to P@H after our last guinea died. Hopefully your local rescue may be able to help you and offer you some support.

Chopstheduck Thu 03-Jan-13 17:23:56

I don't want to give her up really, but I can't keep her on her own, I'm worried about foxes, and I don't really want to comit to another rabbit. I might consider a slightly older companion, so were not potentially starting another 12 years over. Really waiting to see what comes up at the rescue!

Whatever happens we will keep hold of her until she has a def happy bond either at home or somewhere else.

midori1999 Fri 04-Jan-13 00:37:29

Sorry about your buns Chops. sad my bunnies are indoors, but we had one hen killed and one taken by a fox. Five were left, luckily my dogs scared the fox off it seems when the hens were sensible enough to come to our glass back door. (they used to come in our kitchen)

Can you get a neutered male to go with your doe? We took on a neutered single boy from a friend earlier last year and not that long after took him for 'speed dating' at a local rescue. He hadn't seen another bun his whole life (3 years) and it took 3 introductions to find a girl anywhere near suitable. We managed to bond them quite quickly once home though and now a couple of months on they are doing fabulously! The rescue was great.

jessjessjess Fri 04-Jan-13 00:43:30

Our local P@H is pretty good and we use their in-house vet, Companion Care, who are a) brilliant, really nice, kind, helpful vets and b) very good value. The other local vets are extortionate. They are also the only vet in our area that doesn't use a company beginning with M (which we avoid for various reasons) for emergency out of hours.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 05-Jan-13 01:16:38

Staff at P@H vary so much.
There's one where they are very knowledgable about GPs.
One where I think "I've forgotten more about pigs than you'll ever know" hmm
And the worst one I have encountered where 2 of the hogs had a closed eye.
I told a member of staff and waited until they caught the GPs.
"Oh maybe he's tired " they told me.
I said "I've kept guinea-pigs since I was my daughters age. They don't have an eye stuck shut unless there's a problem".
(I didn't say anything rude but I was angry )

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