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Fatty eyes in Pigs.

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I'm pretty sure BigPig has two!

Theres no discharge/discomfort etc. I have been keeping a close eye. He didn't have them when we got him, but a few months later they just appeared confused

Is there any future side effects to this? Vision etc.

Half of me wants to get him to a vet to check out but then I feel there really is no need because he is fine. He can certainly see he's been watching the tv for half a hour , should I be cleaning them?

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 15-Dec-12 11:55:06

Bonkey I can't do the Cut&Paste techy stuff, but I posted a similar query to this last year.
(If you go to Page 10, date of last post 12/11/11 - Guinea-Pig Eyes )

My little Abby Boar has quite a prominent fatty eye on his right eye (I don't know what age when it developed, as you know we got them as one-year-olds)

Mine went for a Rodentologist check in the summer- she said they are no trouble, just keep a check on. His goes white-beige-pinky (Obviously the pink is more worry but it goes back to normal after a few hours) He will occasionally get hay in his eye (typical) hmm

There's some pictures you can compare to.

Years ago one of my Abby girls had 2.It didn't stop her doing anything.
I read it's herediatary (but GP1 if clear) - I don't know anything about my boys parents. I know you got BigPig from a shop and LittlePig from a breeder, so you'd have more feedback about his parentage (though you might find his birth certificate was written in pencil and his PigParents have rubbed their names out).

If he's in no discomfort and there's no redness or discharge then he should be fine. I don't clean my pig's eye unless he gets a foreign body (I knew he had this because his eye was half closed but no weeping).
Trouble is with eyes, you don't know what's going on behind them.

Can you post a photo of his eyes on here?

guineapiglet Sat 15-Dec-12 14:43:51

Hi all - yes a photo might be helpful Bonkey - two of my girls had fatty, saggy eyes, which looked like their eyes were kind of pushed out a bit if that makes sense, our vet told us it was quite common in guineas, but definitely worth watching him, if he is scratching or tearing at it you will know it is bothering him and something may be causing this - a foreign body or an infection - if it is not weeping and he doesnt seem bothere by it it may be a sign of ageing a little. Bless him, give him a cuddle from me.

I will try and get a pic later.
I did try last night but the sod kept moving at the last moment to nose my phone hmm . Will use a distraction!

I have heard it passes down - Not much use trying to trace where he came from. The petshop takes in lots of strays/accidents as well as having a regular brteeder hmm so he could be from anywhere really sad Had it had been LittlePig it would have been easier. I know she keeps records of everything. We saw them all when we went to choose him.

The second one is much more recent. the first one just sort of appeared but gave him no bother/discharge etc . I haven't read anywhere of a pig having 2
confused .

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 15-Dec-12 17:41:00

There's lots written about fatty eye/pea eye on the GP forums. Mainly that they don't cause problems apart from if you want to show them .(I'm assuming a fatty eyed pig wouldn't be a first choice for stud if it's hereditary)

Some say it's more common in porky GPs (my GP2 definately is not chubby neither was my girl guinea. She had it in both eyes)

And some quote a link to heart disease. ?? confused

I certainly won't be breeding or showing GP2 (even though he is a gorgeous little boy)

Hmm, more common in porky pigs you say?? <glances over at Beefy BigPig>

I have a had a nosey at loads of pics today. I read about the heart disease thing too but then it gets quashed as a myth on a fair few sites confused.

No breeding or showing going to happen here either. Although i don't doubt he would love to get his leg over a lady shock .

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