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Piggy isn't drinking or eating her pellets. What could be wrong?

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RooneyMara Mon 03-Dec-12 11:37:55

We've a lonely little piggy since her friend died in the summer. I've brought her in - she's in an indoor cage, with plenty of hay and blankets over it at night (in conservatory) as I was worried she'd be too cold.

The thing is since I brought her in, about 3 days ago, her water level hasn't gone down at all - and her pellets haven't been touched.

She was keen for an apple core yesterday evening but that's about it.

She is moving ok but often seems just to sit looking a bit hunched and when I managedto pick her up, she felt quite thin.

I'm worried - she is about 3-4yo, and I know she is lonely, but doesn't like being held and I'm reluctant to get another pig (though it feels like it would be the right thing to do) because once she is gone, I'll have another lonely one and it'll become a cycle - we already have several chickens and rabbits and a cat and I'm expecting my third baby in January.

Any thoughts on what might help her, or what might be wrong, appreciated. Should I look at her teeth - just not sure where to begin.


RooneyMara Mon 03-Dec-12 11:43:48

Have just given her a cut up apple and she went crazy for it...I imagine she must be thirsty sad

guineapiglet Mon 03-Dec-12 13:07:28

Aaw, bless her, I wonder what it is - she is obviously warm enough, ( too warm??!) - bit if she was too warm she would be drinking too much. Try lots of food which is full of water -apples, cucumber etc to get her hydrated, and lots to tempt her, a handfull of fresh grass, dandelions, tomatoes, if you can find them etc, try and get her interested in eating. It is sad when they are the last one as they do pine for company, but if she is inside with you all she is at least getting attention and can hear things going on. You will have to watch her closely as they go downhill very quickly if they dont eat, so find green things to tempt here with, may be a visit to the vets if she doesnt pick up after a day or two0. It could be teeth related, one of mine just stopped eating as her back teeth were causing trouble, there was nothing they could do and she was pippet fed for a few weeks, but lost all her condition, poor thing. Do hope she picks up a bit. You could try the vets for vitamins etc if she is not eating pellets.

RooneyMara Mon 03-Dec-12 14:15:20

Thankyou very much _ I will try those things and try and encourage her.

Poor old pig. It must be such a boring life she has.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 03-Dec-12 19:04:42

Poor piggie- she shouldn't be too warm in a conservatory (I'd imagine it's a bit cooler than the house)
Some GPs don't seem to drink water (my boars never go near their water but it's there if they want it)

If she's not eating you could try Critical Care from the vet or online (there's a fine ground or a coarse ground. Fine is easier to syringe into them.) You'd need a big syringe (again vet/online).

In the meantime try pellets mashed with warm water and feed her (spoon if you can't get a syringe). I used to do this for my pigs when they lost teeth (I don't need to for my present boars. Even with two missing teeth GP1 manages his food hmm )

She may well be feeling a bit depressed sad

didldidi Mon 03-Dec-12 19:21:00

Are her eyes sunken? if so she is dehydrated. This is exactly what happened to our piggies this time last year and sadly they both died within a few days of showing symptoms and within a week of each other. We have no idea why and they were only 2 and a half. sad

KRITIQ Mon 03-Dec-12 22:18:09

It's important to get some food and fluids into her if she's not eating herself, then get her to a cavy savvy vet to find out what's wrong. It could be that she is depressed and needs nourishment until she's able to pick up enough to feed and drink on her own. It's possible there could be an underlying problem that needs to be sorted out.

70's advice about the crushed pellets is good. There is more information on the Guinea Lynx site here. It's really important to get food and drink into her quickly. If the guinea pig's gut stops working for more than a few hours, it can be fatal. Good luck!

RooneyMara Tue 04-Dec-12 09:18:35

Thankyou very much for all the information....she was squeaking for the first time in about a week, last night, I mean that muffled 'talking' kind of squeak when I went in to put her to bed. I think the apple perked her up.

I'll keep a close eye on her and make sure she has something she wants to eat, and so on - and if she seems to go downhill I'll take her in to the vet.

I agree she might be depressed - I think I would be in her situation.

I know it sounds daft but buy her a stuffed teddy (preferably a guinea sized one) , when BigPig was first bought he was a lone pig. He snuggled next to his teddy every night.

When he got LittlePig (and all was well) then LittlePig used to jump over it and rest his head on its bum. Its worth a try if thats what the problem is!

If you really don't want to get another pig then lots and lots of attention!
Are you sure she doesn't like to be held or is it just because shes not used to it?
My BigPig hates being caught and picked up, but loves being on a lap...but he only like to be stroked if he is sat behind my neck on the back of the sofa - then he purrs. Stroke him when he is on my lap and he will tell you to piss off!

Sit and talk to her, put some music on, a run around the floor etc

Obviously do everything that has been said above too, make sure she is getting fluids and some sort of food. Keep a close eye, phone vets even if you have a little niggle!

RooneyMara Tue 04-Dec-12 18:35:38

Oh what a sweet idea smile

We actually have a toy guinea pig, about her size, and I will give that a try - have also got her some cucumber today as it's very watery.

She's had more apple - I think re the picking up, well, she always preferred to be with her mate, than on my lap, and was always a fidgety girl as she came from a horrid pet shop (we were desperate for another as we'd not realised how lonely the first one would be, and I rang everywhere asking, she was the only one for miles - or I wouldn't have bought there sad)

I will try the behind-the-neck thing! I had a pig when I was about 15 and he used to purr and purr. I've never heard this one purr. But then, she used to have someone to talk to in pig language and now she doesn't so I will persevere.

Thankyou for all the help and suggestions - Oh btw her eyes look damp and not sunken so think she is Ok for now.

I have no idea why BigPig likes it up there but make sure she can't fall off the back of the sofa, i have a gap behind mine so he is comfy and I am sat leaning forward slightly to keep him safe hmm .

Also another idea is to pop a blanket on your lap and then fold it over her so she is covered - BigPig also likes this as long as his nose is still poking out. Its all about making them feel safe and secure! smile

RooneyMara Tue 04-Dec-12 18:45:01

Oh yes...good idea, they are prey animals aren't they. Poor little things! Mine does tend to run into my hair when I hold her so will try the blanket thing.

Yep, they like to have covered spaces to hide from Eagles and stuff hmm grin

And yes, i have had to untangle BigPig from my hair on numerous occasions, I have now found that if I put my hair up in a low ponytail that isn't quite pulled through then he can tuck himself under and is happy and I can keep my hair grin

Oh the things we do.....

RooneyMara Wed 05-Dec-12 07:20:48

LOL grin

Eagles smile

More our cat I think, after last night...I got piggy out and sat her on my chest and she had a bit of cucumber, under my scarf.

She is all bony and about as light as a hamster sad Her eyes are still wet...she is alert and didn't squeal so I hope she isn't in pain anywhere, but if she doesn't pick up some weight in the next couple of days we're going to the vet.
We also dug out the piggy soft toy and have put that in her cage so will see if she is next to it this morning.
Thanks so much for all the ideas, it's brilliant to have someone to chat to about this.

Meglet Wed 05-Dec-12 07:27:48

Try some watermelon too.

I'm not sure how you can podge a guinea pig up, in the past I've had piggies who liked banana and avocado. But it depends on the piggy.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 05-Dec-12 09:19:00

WRT to fattening up GPs.
My GP2 is a little boy compared to his brother.
He loves sweetcorn (the large corn on the cob ones, we give him half a cob)
And he liked fresh beetroot.
He's actually put on a bit of beef which I'm pleased with.

We don't have eagles here but they always act like I've put a King Cobra or a Puff Adder in their beds.
(then GP1 does his best Rikki-Tikki-Tavey -the mongoose- act and storms into the hay to kill it) grin

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