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Cheapest place to buy Megazorb online?

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ToffeeCaramel Sun 02-Dec-12 08:27:42

I'd been ordering from a company called GW Titmuss and paying £14.15 inc postage per 85 l bag, but just ordered from a company called Millbry Hill who calculate the postage depending on where you live and have only paid £12.48, which is not that much difference, but seems better as it seems nearer to a tenner rather than nearer to £15! Has anyone found anywhere cheaper to order it online? It's only for my hamster so i only need one bag at a time.

Have you had a look around locally?

Think farmer shops/horse supply shops etc. I can order a bag from my local place for just over a tenner. Obviously you have to pick up but its there.

In good places you could probably pick up a bag for £8.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 02-Dec-12 14:01:47

I bought a bag from Farmways online last year but now their website is different (they don't have a small animal section)

Curlybrunette Sun 02-Dec-12 21:36:46

How do you guys do your cages/hutches?
I've only had my girls for a couple of weeks (2 very gorgeous girlies, Betty and Bertha!) and so far have had puppy pads with fleece on top. I'm changing the fleece every 2-3 days and washing it inside a zipped up pillow case. Even with a really good shake/brush off I'm finding the fleece still covered in bits of hair and hay after the wash.

I have a cage upstairs (Midwest habitat) and then a C&C downstairs. The girls have a change of scenary every couple of days when my husband gets too sick of our lounge smelling like a barn

Sorry for hijacking!

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 02-Dec-12 21:55:19

Hi Curly- they are lovely little creatures aren't they. It is amazing how quickly they take over fit in grin

Are your girls babies/young pigs?

My boars are in tonight (they've been out in their Pighouse with a heater and hot water bottles)

The last couple of nights have been below 0c. I put two hot water bottles (wrapped) in for them at 5.30 and by 10pm when I went to turn up the oil-filled radiator, the bottles were cold shock.
Their SnugglePad keeps the heat a bit longer but isn't as warm.

Last year I gave them Catsan+Newspaper+hay.
But the hay smells (like a barn as you say).
Tonight they are unstairs in the boxroom, away from the radiator. I gave them newspaper + a fleece blanket + 2 boxes with shredded paper. They've got a bowl of veg and hay cookies (solid hay discs)

They'll go out tommorrow wth their heater in the Pighouse (mine get very irate in small spaces). At the moment I've thrown a duvet over the cage to keep them quiet and hopefully keep their pong in .

Fleece is a nightmare to get hay off.I got a BuddyBrush from Lakeland that is brilliant to remove bits.

I do daily bedding change (though if they are in/out I might get 2 or even 3 days from their deep bed in the Pighouse if I drag it to the side and take out any pee/poo spots.

Enjoy your girlpigs.
I tried 1001 things last winter , still trying new things.

(I'll check the boars in a minute- hopefully they'll be asleep)

ToffeeCaramel Sun 02-Dec-12 23:17:15

Thanks Santa. I looked up farm supplies shops, but our nearest is a bit of a drive away, so worth the £2 extra to have it delivered i think.
Curly. I don't have GPs, just a hamster, but I fully change the Megazorb once a week.

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