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feeling rather silly

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kilmuir Sat 01-Dec-12 20:04:55

But hamster heaven cage is here and getting excited about fetching daughters first hamster on Monday!
I have already bought her 2 things for her christmas stocking.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 01-Dec-12 20:45:25

Awwwwwwwwwww- smile

I'm not a Hammy keeper but it is exciting to get their new house ready for them.

You'll be Googling and finding all manner of things and making hamster villages.

Every cardboard box in my house is assessed for Guinea-Pig-Suitability and either kept for playing in or flattened for lining their cage.


been there!

You will get sucked into to the hammy toy market! wink

kilmuir Mon 03-Dec-12 20:57:42

Well we got her and she is adorable.

KRITIQ Mon 03-Dec-12 22:13:17

Oh lovely. Photos? smile

gerbilsarefun Mon 10-Dec-12 11:04:26

I bought our gerbil an advent calendar, how daft, it's not as if she can open it or even knows what Christmas is because she was born in the summer. wink I love buying her presents, she has got 3 cereal chewy things for Christmas, and yes, they will be wrapped up. I think small furries are so cute and have funny little personalities. Ahh.

KRITIQ Wed 12-Dec-12 00:55:51

I bet your gerbil CAN open her advent calendar on her own (perhaps not in the right order . . . ) and will be able to unwrap her presents herself as well.

In the past, I got my gerbils to "sign" all the Christmas cards (more like "embossing" actually) as well! smile

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