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poorly pig, worried piggie mama. Sorry it's long but I need to debrief!

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chocolateicecream Fri 23-Nov-12 20:40:33

Yesterday afternoon I begged my Dh to let me bring our two seven month old boars into the house. It is too cold, plus with that horrible wind I did not want them to be left outside.

Anyhow, this morning I got up to discover that the cage had blown over in the wind. I was met by a load of shavings, evidence of blood, yet unable to find my pigs. I put the hutch upright and discovered one healthy pig and another with a laceration under his chin.

Thoughts of breakfast were abandoned, two children were rapidly rounded up and we headed for the vets. Unfortunately I had to stagger to the vets due to the joys of PGP.

The vet cleaned his wound up, gave him an anti-inflammatory and some analgesia and reassured me that the bleeding had stopped. It wasn't actively bleeding but intermittently oozing on arrival to the vets.

I brought him into the lounge to observe, my Dh having now firmly lost the battle to keep the pigs outdoors, and was not happy that the bleeding was sufficiently stopped. I phoned the vets back and was reassured that he was probably disturbing it when he brushed against his hay. I placed him on fleece as this would be softer, not feeling content as it should not be so sensitive, and frankly fearful of his fluid loss. Anyhow, he wouldn't eat his food so I phoned the vet back. They offered to see him again. The vet and nurse were lovely with him. He was given fluids, an antibiotic, had it glued, cleaned up, a bit of critical care nourishment, and more analgesia. I have more critical care, analgesia, and AB with me to administer at later dates. They reassured me that he should be fine.

He is now in the dining room all snugly warm and does seem to be sulking, I think that he is enjoying a bit of my attention. He nibbled on a bit of carrot in the vets but won't touch his grass at the moment. I am going to give him a syringe feed shortly. He does seem happier than he was previously in the day. His breathing appears normal.

My dd 2 being an independent little madam bashed her chin this afternoon and now has an impressive egg. I have been wound up and irritable all day, the pregnancy hormones are doing me no favours. To top it off my Dh was late home, [sulk].

Oh what a day, am going to get some parsley tomorrow, we have no dandelions in the garden atm, am going to get a baby leaf salad and pick out the baby dandi leaves. Any piggie rescue suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am presently feeling overwhelmed with guilt sad.

To conclude (my epic essay), on the second inspection the vet seems to think that his injury resulted from been bitten by the other pig. He is getting booked in for castration next week. They have previously got on fine together, just this week they have been getting a bit scrappy and we agreed that a castration is in order. They are now separated. Poorly pig will get his op done once fully recovered. At this rate is can see me needing to get them both a rescue sow each.

My little old piggie was only buried last Saturday. What a piggy week.

Yeah , don't bet on that wink .

Smallest recommendations for one piggy is a 3by2 c&c which is bigger than your zoozones . Tbh anything smaller than this built either grids looks to small. You will see what i mean when you get them!

I have one pig in a 2by 4 and the other is in a 140 cage.

Once you start building it will get bigger and bigger until you take up a third of the room hmm .

You need to buy some correx and make a tray to stop bedding/poo flying out! Ebay again is the cheapest i have found!

If i was in your situation, i would try and get your older one to accept obey of the others as a full time companion. No.matter what anyone says they are always happier with a companion. Keep the other lone pig side by side and you should have a few happy pigs. Make sure there are at least two of everything and no blocked of spaces and hopefully they should be fine! smile

Sorry for typos!

chocolateicecream Tue 27-Nov-12 13:33:55

Piggie update.

Well yesterday am boy pig seemed fine. He seemed to sulk over the day. He had his last AB last night. This am he is just not interested in his food at all. I am giving him the recovery feeds. He just looks so fed up. I have put him with my older boy pig. He seems aware that little pig is not happy, they just know don't they. He seemed mildly happier to have a companion but I am worried sick about him. His wound site looks clean and dry. I am aware that the AB may make him feel a little yucky. I am very worried that I am going to loose this little pig. His HR seems normal, as does his breathing.

chocolateicecream Tue 27-Nov-12 13:42:27

I am concerned that he may be ill and am trying to find a Vet in the local area who may shed some new light, I am not overly filled with confidence that my present Vet will be able to meet his needs. I am concerned that if he does have an infection, by the time he becomes symptomatic of one it will be too late. He may have an undiagnosed injury from the initial incident.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Tue 27-Nov-12 21:41:34

*chocolate8 the antibiotics may well be making him a bit bleurgh (you know if you have them yourself you can have side-effects, including D&V. GPs can't get the Vomit part but keep an eye on his droppings). They might not be 'normal' until his eating gets back to normal.

The wound is dry? That's a good sign.
As is the breathing and heart rate being normal.
He's not eating? Not a good sign.They need to keep a throughput otherwise they get gut stasis.
If you are keeping the Critical Care going then at least he's having something while he recovers.

Hope he turns himself around in the next couple of days, keep feeding him, something to tempt him (my GP1 would sell his soul for parsley) and water, even is you need to drop it from a feeding syringe .
Maybe some of those naice hays or the dried leaves (dandelion, herbs) to tempt him.

Are his eyes bright or does he look a bit 'sunken' ? Could be dehydration (especially if he's indoors and not used to being warmer)

chocolateicecream Wed 28-Nov-12 20:26:59

Little pig passed away. Am gutted sad.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 28-Nov-12 21:14:02

Oh chocolate that is gutting after all you've been through with him.
You did everything you could for your little pig, but maybe the shock of the hutch incident was too much for him mentally.(They find stress hard to deal with.And being prey animals they can hide things well).
And the antibiotics do their job, but you know what side effects they can have on a human (I work in healthcare, I don't prescribe but alot of my patients are on them. Liver and kidney problems are a potential with people and I'd imagine GPs too).
Add on if he wasn't eating , their livers can fail.

When you feel you can, let the vet know. Not that it will bring your GP back, but to give them feedback. They might not get the outcome of their treatments. But they'll know "hmm, that didn't work". It might help for next time they treat a guinea.
As you say, not all vets are guinea savvy.

The little creatures go quickly don't they sad

guineapiglet Thu 29-Nov-12 14:11:29

Very sorry to hear your guinea didnt make it- what a horrible time for you all - it sounds like the stress of what happened may have kicked it all off - but who knows with these little souls, he may have had some underlying health problem and this was all too much. You did everything you could, and gave him mplenty of love and attention to help him- sadly with guineas, once they go downhill it is very hard as it all happens so quickly. Hope his friend is doing OK on his own - lots of love and attention for him as well as you and your family.

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