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just bought two little gardeners

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recall Tue 16-Oct-12 14:46:22

I have a really stupid patio type area that is cobbled and slabbed and really overgrown, I tried to weed it but its too fiddly.

Just bought a pair of guinea pigs, and placing their run over the weeds and they are doing a cracking job. I love it when a plan comes together. They are sweet little things, and the kids think I've treated them to 2 pets - everyone's happy .

guineapiglet Tue 16-Oct-12 17:18:36

Aah - welcome to your two little girls, hope you have lots of fun with them and they soon get you trained up to their ways! They are wonderful lawn mowers, four of ours could crop the garden in no time and leave it looking neat and tidy ( and covered in poos - v v good manure, our lawn was green ALL the time!

Just a word of caution about what you put them on - avoid areas that have had weedkiller on at any time as this could be very toxic for them - they will devour fresh dandelions, but cannot each buttercups and watch out for other things which may have self seeded into the cracks - one of ours died after sneaking a piece of hypericon through the wire mesh of the run, I didnt even know if was there, a friend ( vet nurse) spotted the evidence - try looking at websites/consult with others on here about what they can and cannot eat as somethings may make them quite poorly, especially if they are young. Also try not to put them out if it is very damp, as they cannot cope with damp on their tummies and that may make them ill too- they are quite temperature sensitive - if they are out try and give them a raised area covered with newspapers so they have somewhere dry to sit and stare at you..... have fun!

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