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guinea pig poo!!!

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fridayfreedom Sun 07-Oct-12 15:59:36

was cutting big pigs nails this afternoon , with him on his back in the crook of my arm, he did a huge squiggy green poo!!!
have been checking on him since and poos seem back to normal but a bit soft.
Will cut down on veggies tonight incase he has had too many recently.
re his diet, is back to his original weight. Think he's getting less execise in the indoor cage but he has been doing some very funny popcorning most evenings!!
oh, the point of the post was , should I be concerned re the poo??

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 07-Oct-12 16:17:28

My little Abyssynian boar is prone to soft pooh if he has too much veg or grazing time.
They're not going out on the lawn now (I put them in the outdoor run and they sat looking very judgey-but there was a car alarm blaring, so I think the high pitch annoyed them)

A one-off soft pooh is most likely an over-indulgance in veg . Do you give them fruit? Mine love grapes but they are very high in sugar.

I give mine a pellets,water,bedding hay and nice hay for supper if GP2 has a soft bum (much to GP1 disgust).
Within a matter of hours he's popping out normal poohs.
If it gets to proper diarrhoea (sp) or if the very soft poohs continue, best see the vet . (Diarrhoea for a GP can be fatal sad )

My GP2 is currently sitting on my lap parping away (I did give him Pak Choi and beetroot in his breakfast tray though) envy <--vom face.

fridayfreedom Sun 07-Oct-12 17:29:58

thanks for replying.
thinking about it, he has had a lot of apple in the last few days as DD didn't eat hers in her lunch box and it seemed a shame to waste it!!
think he is ok now, happily munching hay....which is all he's getting tonight, am surprised he hasn't started the " i'm starving, feed me before I waste away" wheeking yet!!

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 07-Oct-12 21:52:03

The apple would be the culprit no doubt.(Our GP2 had a dodgy tum after too much watermelon during the summer)
A night of hay should do the trick.

My GP1 gets really narked when GP2 is on 'dry' rations. He doesn't appreciate that keeping his little brother healthy is better for both of them. GP1 gets very fretfull if GP2 is away from him.

I keep bags of the Herbage hay ( marigold, camomile, Alfafa) to keep them happy if there's no veg on offer.

PiggyWhisperer Mon 08-Oct-12 08:27:20

This sounds very much your piggy passed a cecal pellet, these are the ones they eat to obtain the special vitamins, this practice is called coprophagy.

These pellets do tend be moist, different colour, and contain essential nutrients.

DizzyHoneyBee Mon 08-Oct-12 14:05:07

our GP has apples and doesn't have green poo, nor when he's spent the day grazing in the garden. he has pellet food and hay with stuff added (forgot what now)
He always has the oval brown poos which he always eats (gross....)

70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 08-Oct-12 18:44:38

My GP1 can eat grass all day, parsley till it's coming out of his ears and any veg you care to give him.
He's never had soft pooh, and gets very judgey when he has to do without veg for the sake of his brother.
I've never seen GP1 eat his pooh either.

GP2 will happily pooh-eat while I cuddle him, and glare at me like I'm going to steal his precious droppings grin

Just shows that even if they eat the same, they react different.
I put it down to GP1 being a good solid smooth guinea and GP2 being a namby 'rossetted' type (not a proper Abby, he's got 2 rossettes and his fur is too fluffy)

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