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Guinea pig - milky eye

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agnesf Sun 30-Sep-12 18:15:23

Picked up my boy today and noticed he has a milky eye (looks a bit like cataracts). Phone vet who wanted to charge me £100 for out of hours treatment - sorry but I am not made of money .... (he dropped down to £70 but its still too much - why do they always get ill at weekend).

So instead did a full examination of eye which resulted in finding a bit of driend up grass stuck in the corner which I duly pulled out. Have got some Brolene from chemist and have already done a drop.

he seems pretty unconcerned - eating, running about etc. I'll probably keep him inside tonight as have indoor run and he can have a fleece bed rather than hay one - less likely to poke himself in the eye again. (Beyonce will have to be a single ladee again for the night).

I can take him to the vet tomorrow but just wondered if anyone had experience of this.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 30-Sep-12 20:32:19

Do you mean the cornea is milky rather than a discharge that is milky (GPs can have a natural cleaning milkiness discharge which is normal)

One of my sows when I was a child had a scratch on her eye. It healed but every so often it looked a bit 'opaque'. Her eyes were very dark blue. It didn't weep or cause her any untoward. She didn't rub or overgroom, so I reckoned it didn't trouble her.

My GP2 has a fatty eye which is usually beige but occasionally pinky (for a matter of hours rather than days). Once his eye was half shut (on a Sunday- typical).
I fished a huge (well about 1cm but huge to a GP eye) soft piece of hay or grass out with boiled salt water and non- fluffy gauze.
It settled so we were spared an emergency vet visit.

Once the irritating hay is out, it should settle. (I had personal experience of a corneal ulcer years ago- hard contact lenses and something under it - flipping painful- but it healed by the next day.Had Optician check under magnifier).

Hope he's back on form soon wink

agnesf Sun 30-Sep-12 21:30:00

Thanks 70. The happy couple are in luxury suite inside tonight but looking a bit bemused at lack of hay. (Small pile in corner is not the same as loads to burrow about in)

Eye is still looking a bit opaque and red but wide open so hopefully the Brolene is keeping infection at bay. Will report back after vet visit tomorrow.

Have now discovered DD has worms so its tight pants and short nails for all of us - never rains but it pours!

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