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Should we get a hamster...or is it a stupid idea?

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Almandine Sun 23-Sep-12 21:20:13

DS1 really, really, really wants a hamster.
If he got one it would be around his 14th birthday, so he would be old enough to handle it carefully.

But he drops his dirty cloths on him bedroom floor and is confused when they don't turn up freshly laundered in his drawer. Not sure he would clean it out.....he probably would if I reminded him. I can't even remember what you have to do to clean a hamster house.

We have two cats.

I don't really like rodents (even though I had two pet hamsters as a child). I wouldn't want to hold it.

DH says he doesn't want any more complications in his life (I pointed out we have three children, and one hamster can't be that much more complicated).

I really want to make DS happy, but don't really want a hamster for the above reasons.

I'm really torn...

TheBonkeyMollocks Sun 23-Sep-12 22:35:02

Unless your prepared to take it on if he loses interest then no!

Hamsters need a good clean at least once a week.
Daily handling and out of cage time.
And a decent size cage!

You would have to make sure the cage is secure from the cats and hammy is safe whilst having run time.

Almandine Mon 24-Sep-12 19:30:24

The cats are 15, so have lost a bit of mousing instinct, but yes, of course we would keep them well away at all times.

I could clean out if DS was happy to assist.

I wouldn't want to do the daily handling if DS lost interest. I don't think he would lose interest, but who knows?!

So, basically, if I don't want a hamster, we shouldn't get one?

I'm torn because I think it would help with my rodent phobia, and I really want to make DS happy, but I don't really want a hamster. confused

DH would have nothing to do with it in practical terms - I know this from goldfish experience.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 24-Sep-12 20:26:33

My DC have 2 guinea-pigs . My DD wanted them, I would take the 2nd one.
But my DS said he wanted him, so to be fair we said yes.

He does Sweet FA for his GP except stroke him in a basket.

TBH it makes no difference to GP2, he's very much my pig.
He's fed, cleaned and cuddled with GP1 so he doesn't lose out.
I wouldn't allow him to be neglected. But I am more than happy to do GP care.

If you don't handle the hamster it will become desocialised.
They need their daily routine and as you are well aware with DC ,they promise the Earth, but deliver less.

They'll live 3 years. It'll be your responsiblity before long.

sad but true.

TheBonkeyMollocks Mon 24-Sep-12 22:00:03

If i don't want a hamster then we shouldn't get one

We have two Gpigs, a hamster and a pony. They are mine not ds's. I do all the care. While ds is under my roof he will not have a pet unless I want it too!

70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 24-Sep-12 22:10:27

My DS wanted a rat when he was 10 yo.
I'm not averse to rats as an animal but they are far too clever for my liking.
And if it escaped in DS room, we'd have to give it a flare so we could see it's distress call .wink
My DS also uses his floor as wardrobe space.

I knew for a fact he'd lose interest and end up with an animal I didn't really want.

(GPs are Tim-Nice-But-Dim. Which I prefers) blush

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