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BonkeyMollocks Mon 17-Sep-12 18:11:30

My Hammys have always had a salt/mineral lick. They never took any notice but it was there if it was wanted which was never.

Anyhoo, when I got Big Pig i bought a salt lick. Again he didn't touch it. Got another when I got Little Pig, I caught him having the odd lick.

Then I read that it was un-nessacary for Pigs to have salt licks so i took them both away.
Over the last few weeks Little Pig has taken to licking the palms of my hands. Does he need salt?
Should I get some more licks and just leave them in there like I do for the Hammys?

70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 17-Sep-12 19:41:48

I've never given any of my pigs salt licks (and that goes way back to my first pig who I got in 1975).

Their pellets will have enough salt/minerals in them.

My current pigs don't drink out of their bowl but they seem to get enough fluid from their veg if the pee quota is anything to go by- and I always make sure they have fresh water daily.

Our little boar GP2 licks my DH hands after he's eaten Doritos Heatwave or chips (with salt and vinegar)
Which is living on the knife-edge when you consider GP2 bottom outbursts envy <-- vom face.

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