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Are hamsters meant to speak?

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GeorgianMumto5 Fri 03-Aug-12 00:25:15

In hamster, I mean. First off, a warning: this thread involves the hamster nearly being flattened. Not on purpose and he seems fine now.

Right, so we have 'inherited' a hamster. He is a delightful little chap, who we all love dearly. He really is the most friendly, happy, sweet little hamster. Unfortunately he has discovered how to escape his hamster ball. First time he did it, we thought ds had not shut it properly. The hamster was behind the sofa, so dh moved the sofa so ds and I could catch the hamster. Unfortunately the car playmat (stored behind sofa and which dh forgot about) fell down and, we suspect, landed on the hamster.

Ds and I caught him (gently) and as I held him, the hamster made these squawky noises. I have never, ever heard a hamster 'talk' before! Have I just not been listening, or was that hamster for, 'You nearly killed me, you stupid feckers!'?

Both the hamster and I were in shock. We have both recovered well, but I am still curious. Do hamsters 'speak'?

Incidentally, the second time he escaped, I had sealed the ball and I know I did it properly. I think I might need to buy him a new ball! That time he just roamed about the conservatory, exploring, while dh and I kept careful watch. Then, love him, he returned to his cage by himself.

BonkeySaysTeamGBAreTheMollocks Fri 03-Aug-12 00:28:13

Only when they are scared usually.

Its a horrible sound.

Mine did it on the day we bought him home. Hence why he was called Squeaky by ds hmm .

They love free time, just make sure there are no holes anywhere think sofa, chairs etc smile

Toughasoldboots Fri 03-Aug-12 00:31:49

Yes, it is fear. We have resorted to a sealed room for a runaround, have never liked those balls.

Uberly Fri 03-Aug-12 00:35:55

The hamster was saying 'You nearly killed me, you stupid feckers!' lol Not that you did, but basically a hamster will only make a noise if frightened.

They can also sneeze, which is rather cute!

They do 'talk' but its on a higher frequency to what we can hear. If you have two hamsters (or more) they will communicate with each other!

Hamsters also make a little clicking noise. This can mean a few things. It can mean that they are scared, and can be used as a defensive thing. But often it's used as almost an affectionate noise! They make the noise by rubbing their teeth together quickly. You might hear them make it after gnawing, as they get rid of little bits of teeth.

We currently have two hamsters, and I've had a fair few before. They are wonderful animals and highly underrated in my opinion.

Our female hamster is VERY good at escaping from her ball! We have to tape her in! Just normal sellotape, 2 or 3 strips equally placed around the lids of the ball. However, make sure that you don't place over the ventilation holes! You don't want stuck hamster feet or whiskers!

Oh, how i wish hamsters could talk! I'm sure our female hamster smiles! Hehe!

Have lots and lots of fun with you little hamster.

Hth....and feel free to ask any other hamster-related questions!

brighthair Fri 03-Aug-12 00:48:01

Mine clicks at me. Usually when I am considered to be ignoring him
Although he also sat on the sofa looking very interested by 24hrs in A&E, so I wouldn't use him as normal hamster example grin

Uberly Fri 03-Aug-12 01:00:31

One of our hamsters liked Star Wars and something else sci-fi, possibly Quantum Leap grin

GeorgianMumto5 Fri 03-Aug-12 01:09:58

Thank you so much, everyone, for not telling me off for living in a house where a hamster can be nearly crushed by falling playmats. I feel very guilty that we pushed the little mite to cussing, but he seems none the worse for it.

I will try the sellotape trick. I am terrified we will lose him inside the sofa or something. Goodness only knows what the Numberjacks will make of him! I am now imagining him flying out of the sofa arm, up the chimney and through the air, while Number 6 says, 'Finding a hamster to land on...'

grin at the TV-watching hamsters.

Very interesting that they talk in a frequency we can't hear. My neighbour opposite can hear cat scarers. I am going to ask her over to listen to the hamster!

brighthair Fri 03-Aug-12 01:13:13

Here you go, photo of daft hamster

GeorgianMumto5 Fri 24-Aug-12 00:22:51

Brighthair, tee-hee - that is sweet! Prior to this one, I haven't had hamsters in donkey's years and am totally captivated by how cute and funny this one is. I watched him tonight in his ball and swear I saw him actually get his spanner set out. He uses his paws and teeth to try and unscrew the ball! He was defeated by the tape, though. I took that for a sign that he wanted to get out and let him run around on me for a while. He seemed happy.

brighthair Mon 27-Aug-12 23:28:25

Mine escaped from his ball, found him after a few seconds behind the fridge chewing a wire grin
He embarrassed me at the vets. I said he was fine to handle, which he is! Wouldn't let the vet pick him up, then tried to fling himself off the table resulting in me and vet rugby tackling him blush
Mortified wasn't the word

GeorgianMumto5 Tue 28-Aug-12 01:04:56

grin at rugby tackling a hamster.

brighthair Tue 28-Aug-12 01:17:26

Vets last words "erm here's some mite treatment. Apply to.. Um anywhere you can get it. Christ that hamster is quick" grin

GeorgianMumto5 Sat 01-Sep-12 23:53:24

Tee-hee! I heard mine speak again last night, ever so quietly. He was right by my ear at the time and it didn't sound like abuse. It was a sort of low, snuffly squeak.

BellaVita Sun 02-Sep-12 00:13:54

Ours escapes from his ball. He picks and picks at the opening until it comes off. He once escaped and we did not realise until about 20 mins later... we looked every where for him. we then heard a tapping noise and he had crawled into the tiniest hole underneath the wine rack and was literally running about behind the cupboards. He kept putting just his nose out of the hole as if to say I am here come and catch me. Fortunately for us he likes his treats and we bribed him to come out.

I now just let him run about on the sofa. I sometimes sit with him on the floor and put him on the rug, but he likes to go behind the tv and I am frightened of him chewing wires.

He once escaped out of his cage (was not fastened at the side properly and he had pushed it and pushed it until it came off), he made his way upstairs and was clawing at our bedroom door. At first I thought it was a bird at the window until DH got up to have a look and then opened our door, looked down and the bloody hamster trotted in.

He sometimes squeaks when on the settee, but I am sure he is not frightened, tis more of a case of you are ignoring me, please pick me up.

He does snore though.

He likes to be kissed a lot. When we hold him up to our faces, he rests his head on our lips.

Daft bloody thing.

SomePeopleSayImBonkers Sun 16-Sep-12 00:09:03

Aww! What an amazing hamster BellaVita!

And rugby tackling a hamster at the vets Brighthair!

All these stories....and some people say that hamsters are dumb little rodents!

One of our hamsters appeared on the front page of our local newspaper grin

I love hamsters. All have different personalities and are so much fun to have. Shame they don't have a long life span.

Jux Sun 16-Sep-12 00:11:55

Mostly, they beg not to be put in the casserole; though admittedly this is because they are scared that you will do that (in HamsterLand MN's reputation is fearsome).

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