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advice for a new hamster owner please

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MimiSam Mon 17-Oct-11 14:20:09

My 8 year old is going to get a hamster soon (our first ever pet!) We have researched cages, food, handling, etc. But I am still unsure about a few things:
1) people say it's best to but from a breeder if possible, rather than a pet shop, but I can't find any breeders in East Kent (have tried internet, local papers, notices in pet shop). Any ideas?
2) he wants to keep it in his room, but I am worried about the noise at night and possible smells...what is your experience of this?
3) as hamsters are nocturnal, why do they make good pets for children?
All advice gratefully recived - he's very excited about getting his pet!

brighthair Tue 18-Oct-11 00:21:45

They can be noisy at night so a silent wheel like a Wodent wheel is best
Not smelly if you clean often. I use Carefresh for main bedding, cheap loo roll for nest and potty litter for toilet training which is worth doing as it cuts cleaning down massively
Best bet is a small local pet shop ask about what breeder they use. Or preloved website?
Make sure your cage is big enough too grin
Nocturnal - depends on hamster. You can encourage them gently to wake up a few mins earlier each day

GoreSplattersHouse Tue 18-Oct-11 00:27:56

I would have to say no to a hamster. Hamsters are not a great pet. They are active at night, about the time a 8yo will be doing the getting ready for bed bit. They are not happy when woken and, through bitter experience, can bite very hard if grumpy. Have you considered mice, females don't smell, they don't jump from a height, so if high enough don't even need a cage! Rats can make great pets too, males tend to be a little smelly ( what is it with males?) but they are great fun and more active during the day.

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