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Oops - How do I tell dh?

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Elk Tue 27-Sep-11 12:35:18

One of our 2 piggies died at the weekend. As our cat died recently as well dh wanted 'to have a break' from pets for a while. I was worried about our remaining pig being lonely as she is only a few months old. So I went to the pet shop .

Do you think dh will believe that i accidently bought 2 more guinea pigs and a big cage to keep them in the childrens wendy house?

mylittleponypinkypie Sun 23-Oct-11 13:42:54

Just say you tripped into the shop, dragged a cage and 2 gp's onto the counter and your purse fell out, then you couldnt bring yourself round to taking them back smile

LordOfTheFlies Sun 23-Oct-11 14:33:11

You could always buy them and keep them 'hidden' a while until he notices.
In the Great Scheme Of Things there are worse things you could do.And you've got to think about the welfare of your remaining piggie who is alone now.

We got our 2 boys yesterday and they've got the playhouse converted into their house (DH did it Bless Him, even though he was a bit hmm about them.

I 'accidently' fell into The Range and came out with a massive cage for if they come indoors in winter.(And when the fireworks are abound)

So darned easily done isn't it ! grin
Getting it home was another story- just fitted on the back seat.

KRITIQ Mon 24-Oct-11 17:53:56

I think it's best to be straight with DH! The other option would have been finding a new home for the lone piggie, so really getting another was important (although a rescue would have been a better option of course, but no worries.)

You have double and treble checked that all the pigs are the same sex though, right? Never, ever trust a pet shop to get it right. Are they all sows? I know some folks have managed to keep more than two boars but I've never tried it.

Enjoy your new fur babes. I'm sure DH will come round soon enough! smile

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