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Hamster smell?

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bananamam Thu 22-Sep-11 14:58:08

so we got a russian dwarf a few days ago...lovely little thing. Except that he smells like dirty old socks???

It's def him and not his house as we put him in a separate clean area to clean the cage etc and the smell followed him.

Any suggestions??

sparkle101 Fri 23-Sep-11 10:57:11

It may be due to a couple of things. Was the russian in with others when you got him? If so, when he got into this cage he is probably scenting like mad to mark his territory and to give him a sense of security, he may be scenting even if he wasn't in with others.

Are you giving him lots of sugary treats? It could be his urine smelling, if you find which corner he is urinating in you can put a handflu of the soiled shavings in a jam jar and then put the jam jar in the corner.

Did the pet shop explain about wet tail at all, I have found in my experience a lot of the hamsters smelling bad is due to the start of wet tail so have a look and check his bum is clean, his eyes are bright and not glued shut.

Their urine can smell very bad to get used to, you can get cage fresh granules to put under the shavings if it is too bad.

Strangely, don't be encouraged to clean the cage more often than normal as it could end up smelling worse as scenting goes into overdrive and then it gets worse.

Hope you get an answer, but if worried about the hamster speak to the vet to put your mind at rest.

bananamam Fri 23-Sep-11 11:18:18

Hi no they never explained about wet tail. It doesn't smell like afaik urine. And no sweet treats at all.

Yes he was in with other males, which could explain it! His eyes are def bright.

Thanks for the advice smile

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