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Guinea pig run

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assumpta Tue 30-Aug-11 13:11:26

Hi, we got 3 little guinea pigs at the weekend, that are adorable and living in a hutch outside. All well so far, however when I bought and erected a wire run for them to have a scamper about in they duly escaped. They poked their little heads out and scampered. Luckily my dd and I were doing it together and spotted the escapee. This is a wire cage, big enough for three grown guineas, so lots of room, but obviously the space between the bars is still too wide for them. At what age should I put them in a run, or is this the wrong type of run? Any advice welcomed. Thank you.

CRIKRI Wed 31-Aug-11 22:25:46

Hello. Well, it sounds like you'll have to wait until they are much bigger to ensure the wee ones don't escape.

Hope all 3 are female (although sometimes you can keep 3 males together.)

You can find lots of information on housing of piggies here. Best of luck! Guinea Pig Forum

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