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We have been passed as suitable piggy parents!

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Upsy1981 Mon 22-Aug-11 15:49:58

Just had home visit from Rspca inspector who has said we are suitable to adopt two baby guinea pigs! They should be ready to come home in a couple of weeks! So, we have the hutch, my grandad is making them an exercise run. I have been reading books and mn but any top tips would be appreciated for piggy care or really good stuff to buy before I go out and spend a fortune on unnecessary piggy accessories?

SquigglePigs Wed 24-Aug-11 13:20:05

Congratulations! They're fabulous little pets. Hope you enjoy welcoming ithem into your family.

Make sure they have little huts or tubes to hide in (especially in their run). And something to eat hay out of that keeps the hay off the ground.

For the first few days don't handle them too much. Offer them food from the edge of the cage, let them come to you so they realise you aren't scary.

This website is excellent for all things piggy related:

DoesItWearingWellies Thu 25-Aug-11 02:54:16

Don't get wood shavings to use as a bedding as it contains phenols which irritate the respiratory system of the guinea pigs.

A good bedding is MegaZorb, a wood pulp-based horse bedding. You can find it at many tack/feed/saddlery centres, or online.

The cheapest I've found it online is from Farmway for 1 bag, or Millbry Hill for 2 bags (due to weight restrictions on postage).

Congrats and have fun!

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