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Rabbits and myxomatosis - any experience?

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UnSerpentQuiCourt Sat 30-Jul-11 21:24:35

The background - my daughter (4) has always wanted a rabbit, but due to the number of pets she already has, I have resisted. This summer a friend with two rabbits is going away for the summer and asked if we would look after her the rabbits, which seemed the perfect compromise. Last week she told me that she had just had one rabbit put down by the vet with myxomatosis, but that the vet looked at the other one and said it was fine and did not have myxy. So we picked up surviving rabbit yesterday ... and today it is sitting far too quietly in the hutch corner of its beautiful luxury run and has a bit of yellow pus in the corner of its eyes.

Is this a definite symptom? If, as I fear, it is, will the rabbit certainly die? I think so, from what I have heard. sad If it does, is there any way of cleaning the rabbit's home so that we could safely have another rabbit? My daughter will be heartbroken, as she has been waiting for months for this rabbit visit.

Is it true, as my friend states that her vet told her, that vaccinating against myxy is totally ineffective and therefore a waste of money? I did have a fully vaccinated rabbit a few years ago which still died.

Any advice appreciated. (I realise that I was totally stupid to take the rabbit under these circumstances., but did believe the vet's 'advice'.)

oxeye Sat 30-Jul-11 23:08:47

oh Racing, what a stress, poor Wriggle, poor myxy bunny. Can you contact vet? Can you contact owner? What would they want you to do?

I would think risk of myxy being so contagious using same kit/ same time might be risky but not sure what else to suggest other than this is so not what you need. have wine

Blu Sat 30-Jul-11 23:22:04

Oh, how v upsetting.

I do wonder whether the vet did tell your friend the rabbit was fine - or even if it was fine then, that the chances of it also succumbing were v v high...

We didn't have our rabbits done this year, we live in London, no wild rabbits for miles, but the vet did say that in areas where there are wild rabbits it is easy for pets to catch myxy.

Oh dear.

Sadly, it sounds as if it might be kindest to have the poor bun put to sleep if it has myxy, it's a horrible illness and death sad.

Personally, I think rabbits are not good pets for small children, and wish we had guinea pigs instead.

But I'm sorry about your rabbit situation atm.

UnSerpentQuiCourt Sun 31-Jul-11 07:57:21

Yes, I suspect that friend put the slant she wanted on the vet's advice, which she implied was that he had said that the rabbit must have natural immunity. I am rather cross with her, but it is really my fault. Because I didn't want to disapoint my daughter after so much waiting, she is now going to be far more upset and we will not be able to have a rabbit as the hutch etc will be contaminated. Also I will end up paying the vet's bills, as someone has to.

Guinea pigs are lovely pets - we have two. But she has always dreamt of a rabbit and knows that you can't pick them up like gps. I used to have a lovely house rabbit who was very naughty and had to be locked up while we were eating to keep him off the plates. But I have also had very boring, unfriendly rabbits. It is a gamble.

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