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Rabbit toilet training

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bigscarymum Sun 03-Jul-11 17:30:07

my rabbits have a litter tray which they use, but lately one of them (I think it is only one, but not sure) has started using the bedroom bit of the cage as a toilet. Is here anyway of training her to stop doing it? It makes cleaning them out etc much more difficult. I think I might have to put another litter tray there but here isn't room. Is there nothing I can put in the corner where she does it to discourage her?


piratecat Sun 03-Jul-11 17:34:40

can you put the tray in the bedroom bit, and see what happens then?

bigscarymum Sun 03-Jul-11 18:12:40

The bedroom bit is too small really - they wouldn't be able to get in and out. It is a huge cage and their litter tray is downstairs - it is used but maybe by just one of them, or maybe not all the time. I have just cut up a takeaway container and put it in the corner to make it easier to clean out but I suspect they will just chew it or move it. What I really want to do is discourage them from using the bedroom as a toilet at all. A friend will be looking after them while we are away. Last year she just had to clean out the litter tray but this time she will have to keep cleaning out the bedroom sad

purplepidjin Sun 03-Jul-11 18:18:18

The rule for cats is "one tray per cat plus one" because they guard the facilities. Is it possible this is happening with yoru bunny? I know if I put cat litter in the rabbit tray, the cat immediately starts using it lazy sod

Awomancalledhorse Sun 03-Jul-11 18:24:11

Everytime you see her poop/wee outside the litter tray pick up the mess & put it in the litter tray.
Next time you clean them out give the bedroom area a really good scrub with whatever cage cleaning fluid you use so it doesn't smell of poo.

How often do you clean them out atm? When we were re-litter training ours (after they bonded one forgot about the litter tray) we had to clean out the cage everyday just so the litter tray was the only place that smelt of mess.

bigscarymum Sun 03-Jul-11 20:37:14

The problem is I can't see her doing it as she's in the bedroom. Today I scrubbed the cage out but within 30 mins there was poop on the bedroom. I think I will try transferring it to the litter tray each time I go to the cage. They do both sit in the tray. I clean them out a couple of times a week but really it should probably be more in this weather I need more hours in the day grin

CointreauVersial Mon 04-Jul-11 00:31:06

Mine only poops in his bedroom, he reckons it's an ensuite toilet. I have put a triangular litter tray in there and accepted that's where he wants to do it.

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