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Hamsters, Hamsters, read all about 'em

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AuntieMonica Thu 30-Jun-11 20:14:40

since they are a very popular topic, very a la mode - here's a thread about the furry little balls of anger fun

mine DDs is called Fluffy. she doesn't smell and is approx 13 weeks old. she has lived in our house for 12 days and so far hasn't managed to escape or bite anyone


BabyDubsEverywhere Thu 07-Jul-11 18:07:23

Hamster owner here too!
I have a balck and white long haired Syrian called Kung Fu Hamster, and a silver, grey and white Robo called Tallulah! Housed seperatly of course! they are beautiful little things, so damn cute! Tallulah is nearly 3, so an old girl really, and looking it all of a sudden, slowed down a little. She likes to nibble you when you hold her, never really bitten though. Kung Fu is only about 9 months, hes never bitten either. We dont handle them much tbh, they are much more of an observing pet for me. i could watch them for HOURS though if i had the time.

Harvest mice are quite amusing if you like cue little furries, another observing pet, but very sweet.

Love my pets i do smile

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