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How to help DCs deal with pet death.

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dobby2001 Fri 03-Jun-11 00:21:05

Tonight DD found her hamster had died in its sleep. It had been fine and running around last night. Have checked over and no signs of wet tail or injury so it seems it was just old age - although only around 18mths we think.

She is in floods of tears and is convinced she has killed it because she hadnt cleaned it out on time - 3 days late. Have told this is not the case but she is unconvinced i think sad

Hamster has had a vigil in its decorated shoebox until she finally was persuaded to go to bed and we would think about "funeral" tomorrow. Have drawn the line at a proper vets cremation and a headstone in the garden hmm Any helpful tips for this difficult time??

Shes 9yo btw

Joolyjoolyjoo Fri 03-Jun-11 00:31:26

Aw- poor dd sad

I'd let her have the funeral and bawl about it as much as she needs to. I had hamsters as a child, and was always devastated when one died. Then often down to the shop for a new one the next week! I often think it was more traumatic for my parents at times.

I used to (as a child!) write wee stories about my departed hamster, or write about him/ her in my diary. It made me feel they were remembered blush Here's hoping she gets over it soon- my bet is there will be a request for a new pet within the month!

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