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Which hamster cage?

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theITgirl Mon 16-May-11 21:38:27

DS is getting a Hamster for his biirthday.
Planning on getting a Syrian hamster to be called Fudge.

Looking on-line at the cages and finding it difficult to narrow down what I want. So hoping somebody can recommend something.
I am looking for the following:
Large cage - we have the space so do not want the hamster to be cramped.
Wire side - Good climbing potential.
Plastic Levels - Kinder on feet.
Easy to put together / take apart.
Easy to clean - though hoping to use jam jar technique.
Tubes would be fun - But need to be big enough for a full grown syrian.
Wheel - again big enough for a full grown syrian.
Easy to watch hamster while he is playing or exploring his cage.
Easy to open the cage and reach the hamster wherever he may be.
Space for water bottle, food dish & sleeping area - obvious, but needs to be written.
Also space needed for toys, chews etc.

I am hoping one of you already has this perfect cage and can tell me what to get.

Lillyofthevalley Sun 22-May-11 12:08:38

We had a Habitrail Ovo Suite with maze and although a fab cage and proved no bother for our previous hamster our current one is an escape artist and managed to get out, behind the integrated fridge, chew through the cable and get trapped in one of the springs (found her dangling trapped by her hind quarters) - she's alright though amazingly, after a trip to the vets!

The Ovo Suite does require alot of faffing when cleaning out as all the tubes need to be taken apart washed, dried and put back together.

She now has a oblong cage with clear plastic sides and a metal grid as a lid. Its quite large (on sale - £30 from Pets at Home) and has a platform with ramp for her to climb up. She's a chewer (something you might want to bear in mind) and stands on her toys on the platform to chew the bars on the metal grid - VERY noisey! This is despite her having apple wood in there to chew on!

Although all these cages with tubes going everywhere look great you have to think about the cleaning which is imperative to try and prevent wet tail which is caused by bacteria and is untreatable. That is why I went for an oblong cage with smooth edges so she can't get a purchase to chew and plenty of space so I could add toys / change the layout to keep it interesting.

cornsilks Fri 27-May-11 04:52:43

we have this one

theITgirl Fri 27-May-11 20:00:03

I got this one in the end.
It is nice & big. No tunnels to clean (and hamster to get stuck in)
I really like it.
Also got playpen and some extra toys for when DS wants to play with the hamster. Will give him strict instructions as to watch closely for attempts to escape.

Also will get a larger wheel when the hamster gets bigger.

NHScutback Thu 02-Jun-11 20:47:58

Savic Hamster Heaven (google it) is the one which comes out on top in the hamster owner forum. It's massive and meets RSPCA size recommendations. Easy to clean, wire frame for ventilation and climbing, good size tubes and wheel, not too deep (so the hamster can climb safely). You can buy it from Pets at Home, and most online pet suppliers. Don't get one of the Rotastak houses they are cruel, difficult to clean and poor air circulation.

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