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Co codamol

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Shopkinsdoll Fri 01-Nov-19 15:39:39

Hi I have an addiction to co codamol. My gp has found out about this as I ordered from an online pharmacy but never got the tablets,and they wrote to my gp. Now my gp is taking me of co codamol. I had a phone appointment today and I asked her for more tablets as my prescription had ran out. She wasn’t going to give me any till I started crying and said thought you need to be weaned of them? So she prescribed be 18 till Monday. And gave me an appointment on Monday afternoon. The way she was talking im getting no more. I know I need help and want to come of them but I need to be weaned off them. Not yoga, meditation like she was talking on the phone??

PurpleFrames Wed 06-Nov-19 20:44:13

Ask for a referral (or just call) your local drug and alcohol service. They won't cut you off! I'm transferred from codine and other opiates onto something similar to methadone and will be gradually reduced over a year perhaps 6months.

Yes you could just stop it but it will be painful and doesn't deal with the psychological angle.

Shopkinsdoll Sat 09-Nov-19 22:25:23

Thanks for the reply. I’m scared in case they contact social services as I have 2 primary school age children. I hide it well. House is clean and tidy, kids looked after and loved. Have a nice house and car.

Dapplegrey Sat 09-Nov-19 22:28:46

I am sorry you are going through this op.
Is there a Narcotics Anonymous meeting near you?
You will get help and support from them.

Yestermo Sat 09-Nov-19 22:32:24

Just remember that you can do this. It will take some time but gradually reducing will be the best way.
I managed it over 6 months. (Sorry to say mindfulness helped me incredibly well though thought it was bollocks for a few months!)

QOD Sat 09-Nov-19 22:34:53

Me too. I’ve just the last 2 months ordered 15:500 instead of 30:500 on my prescription app
In fairness I have osteoarthritis and my knees hurt so bad. But I know I’m addicted

tillytoodles1 Sat 09-Nov-19 22:40:05

Poor you. I was given Tramadol after I broke my leg while I was abroad. It felt so good to go into a deep sleep, but I'm scared to take any more. Are they similar?

NotStayingIn Sat 09-Nov-19 22:51:48

For the sake of your children and yourself take this opportunity to get off them.

If you look at your post closely you will see your focus is on getting more tablets. Dig deep and go into the appointment not with a view of how you can convince her to give you more, but how she can help you to kick the habit. Good luck OP.

PurpleFrames Sun 10-Nov-19 00:25:47

Any update @Shopkinsdoll smile

Many addicts are like you, maintain a good condition to the outside world but have secret struggles. You shouldn't be ashamed- hope it's going ok for you.

Shopkinsdoll Sun 10-Nov-19 13:28:15

Hi thanks for all your replies. Saw a really nice doctor and she is weaning me off them. So fingers crossed this will work xx

NotStayingIn Sun 10-Nov-19 13:35:55

That is great news. It will work, you’ve got this!

PurpleFrames Sun 10-Nov-19 14:17:57

Great news 👍🏼

I'd still recommend accessing NA or your local drug and alcohol service if possible as there's tonnes of support out there x

Shopkinsdoll Sun 10-Nov-19 17:27:07

Yes I think I need to swallow my pride and ask for more help. I’m currently on 5 tablets a day this week, 4 next week and so on. I’m craving on codeine most of the time. If the doctor gave me a tablet to stop the cravings that would help. Not methadone in the chemist. The doctor explained that the prescribed the medication in the first place and it’s not my fault. Going to make another appointment Tomorrow. Thanks for your comments

PurpleFrames Sun 10-Nov-19 20:45:15

There are blockers you can take- the GP however has little to no knowledge of what is on offer as this is dealt with almost totally through the drug and alcohol team (sorry to keep hammering it home!).

Minutewaltz Sun 10-Nov-19 20:46:07

When you say the pharmacy wrote to your GP, does that mean that pharmacies can log in to the NHS and find who everyone’s GP is?
That’s a bit big brotherish!

Lourake Fri 15-Nov-19 00:48:59

I was in the same boat several years ago with Codeine Phosphate buying from online pharmacy etc etc it does get easier and as other members have pointed out you don’t need to suffer alone there are support groups like NA where you can physically go or even online support groups , You just need to keep busy which is why meetings help . If you need some help feel free to ask . Don’t suffer in silence wink

Bluerussian Fri 15-Nov-19 01:36:35

You can buy co codamol over the counter at a pharmacy, Syndol and Solpadeine are co codamol. I'm not suggesting you do that as your doctor wants you to be weaned off it but it's available for emergencies.

I do hope you are successful in getting off it and are well soon.


AlexaAmbidextra Fri 15-Nov-19 02:01:45

You can buy co codamol over the counter at a pharmacy,

Really bad idea. These both contain paracetamol. They contain lower levels of codeine than prescription strength co-codamol. If you take enough for a codeine hit you are also taking unsafe levels of paracetamol. Not to be recommended.

BitOfFun Fri 15-Nov-19 02:10:27

Good advice, Alexa. I hadn't realised until very recently exactly how dangerous even a small overdose of paracetamol could be.

Bluerussian Fri 15-Nov-19 05:05:32

Well I wasn't recommending it. The pharmacy staff also say don't use for more than three days, I use it occasionally for odd aches and headaches but not more than four a day. I think the op said she is on five at the moment and will go down to four next week.

Solpadeine Max have 10mg codeine as does syndol. There was a thread on here a while back saying that Syndol was once again being produced and sold after a big gap, people were rejoicing because they had found it so effective - I first used it around 2003 for tension headaches & it was great for that purpose.

Moderation in all things of course, I've never 'overdone' it or beoome addicted.

Yes you are right about paracetamol, should be taken with care but a couple here and there are OK, even children have that sometimes. For me, when I've been given paracetamol on its own, for any pain, it has not had much effect. My husband used to take it in the morning (he had some arthritic problems), and always said it helped. So everyone is different. I can honestly say I've never had a 'codeine hit' & would probably worry if I did.

Zapain is a blend of para and codeine with a stronger concentrate of codeine.

I've never been prescribed codeine so really only know about the lower doses.

Please don't think I am advocating the op buys this, she needs to follow her doctor's advice, but sometimes it is good to know there is something you can buy for an emergency. A bit like a person trying to give up smoking or drinking, they keep a pack of cigarettes or a bottle in a cupboard as a sort of security even though they might never use.

I remember seeing a documentary some years ago with Mel Smith and he admitted to taking loads of them - like60 a day. No way could I even think of doing that, I'd be really ill. At that time I had no idea people used so much of an over the counter analgesic. He seems to have survived though, gave it up eventually. One would imagine he rattled!

Lourake Fri 15-Nov-19 21:07:44

Im down to 8 x 30mg tablets a day which is the daily recommended amount , but several years ago i was taking 10-15 tablets 4-5 times a day Yep min daily dose would be 40 and max 80 tablets daily but I’ve never taking codeine with paracetamol my GP told me most deaths are caused by the paracetamol.

I can’t get lower than 8 tablets now a-days under 8 and depressing and anxiety comes within a day and it’s crippling so I’m happy on 8 I don’t get the euphoria but it makes me feel normal and I can function as a normal person .

Beaubird83 Sun 24-Nov-19 18:07:57

I used to take up to 15x 30/500 cocodamol a day. Very very lax doctor and pharmacists who didn’t bat an eyelid with my requests for more, but I won’t just blame them as it was also me.
It wasn’t until I started getting horrendous headaches that I knew I had to stop. I was hospitalised for two weeks, and had no choice but to stop as the nurses wouldn’t dish out what I would take. I took the opportunity there to take myself off them completely, and it was horrible but I did it. I told them upon admission to hospital I took large quantities and they helped me through the ‘withdrawal’ process whilst investigating my headaches.
They put my headaches down to medication, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was due to the cocodamol as I haven’t took a single one since discharge and haven’t had a single headache since.
Like you too, I was worried about my kids and being reported. Nothing has been mentioned since specifically regarding my kids, but I’ve been offered bags of support so I don’t go back to cocodamol. I think if I was using more of the support offered maybe there would be more people looking out for my kids too but because they can see I’m not taking anything now I’m guessing they aren’t actively involved.
Good luck xx

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