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Mum is heroin addict her mum in denial

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Nonmotherof3 Wed 02-Oct-19 08:49:39

Our 3 kids live with is full time as their mum takes every drug under the sun (crack heroin everything)

She claims to be on methadone and no other drugs however drugs test required by court say different.

Its a very hard road to travel in rerms of he kids as she is forever letting them down.

Her mum (granny) seems to be completely in denial

- she never calls the kids
- she claims mum is getting better despite results ets
- she takes mum on all expenses holidays
- she makes excuses for the mums behaviour and blames everyone else apart from her, including my husband and the kids
- she says rehab wont work?!!

Please can you advise as we just dont understand it or knkw how to deal with it. They are a 'normal' family...i know if it was my mum id be in rehab asap....

WeAllLearn Thu 10-Oct-19 20:52:15

I’m sorry to hear of such a situation- albeit sadly a familiar one to me. My personal advice would be start with accountability and boundaries - not only the user but the family as well - much easier said than done. The granny needs to @recognise her behaviour is enabling rather than supportive to the user (and family) and perhaps ask her why she feels rehab won’t help - hear her out and perhaps discuss pro’s and con’s- sounds silly but visualising this sort of thing is a real wake up call at times and could turn her round.

Final word- you can take a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. Same goes for a user in addiction.

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