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Cocaine addition and their behaviour

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oldstudentmum Sun 08-Sep-19 18:38:58

I would like to ask a few questions my ex has a coke problem alcohol and pot.
1) what changes does it make to them personality etc
2) do they seek friends/partners who are like minded
I suppose what I’m asking is does the drug etc just take over the person they once were. My ex was doing really well but went back to his old lifestyle and his gf who is also into and accepting of this sort of lifestyle.
He has totally thrown my help in my face and ignores emails doesn’t ask about kids. I’ve blocked him contacting myself on everything else.
He has seen a gp regarding his addiction he is also depressed and stressed so it is known to agencies. I’m so angry with him he was doing so well he was looking towards a positive future. A few weeks ago he told me how I was keeping him alive 🤷‍♀️.
Just need a little guidance on it all

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